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With more than 40 years of experience in aviation recruitment and access to the world's largest database of aviation flight crew, engineers, technicians and executives, CAE Parc Aviation provides you with the means to find the right people to enable expertly managed operations. 
We work with over 70 clients in 35 countries and place more aviation professionals each year in their dream jobs than any other agency.
Our team of aviation recruitment specialists will find you the talent you need, allowing you to respond to market opportunities quickly. We can help you deal with scheduled and unscheduled demands such as the expansion or maintenance of an existing fleet, new aircraft types or seasonal adjustments. We can help you to fully manage personnel costs and access highly qualified and experienced professionals at short notice.

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Europe, Middle East, Africa

James Hoad

Regional Sales General Manager – EMEA



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Regional Sales General Manager – China


Asia, Oceania

Puva Silvarajoo

Regional Sales General Manager – APAC


North America, South America, Caribbean

Mike Rocky

Head of Resourcing Services, Americas


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Pilot Recruitment

In a market where competition for talent is intensifying, CAE addresses the staffing needs of airlines by matching the best pilots with the world’s leading airlines. Our aviation resourcing services support airlines during steady state operations and during phases of fleet expansion or in seasonal peak demands and include the sourcing, contracting and recruitment of pilots.

Depending on your airline’s specific needs, we can provide experienced Instructors, Captains and First Officers on lease or on a permanent basis. CAE currently has more than 1,200 pilots on assignment with over 50 airlines across the world, and over 55,000 in its database.

Aviation Staffing

With over 40 years’ international aviation recruitment and selection experience, CAE is ideally positioned to assist airlines and aviation companies locate and attract the best talent for their organisations.

CAE can provide either experienced or newly qualified aviation executives, technical and maintenance personnel and cabin crew. We specialise in planning and launching tailored recruitment campaigns to meet the individual needs of client organisations.

Our team of recruiters provide an efficient service with absolute discretion to deliver a successful recruitment solution and ensure that proposed candidates have the required skills and fit for any requirement.

Recruitment Process Services

Sometimes our clients require a more in-depth solution for their recruitment needs and CAE can provide that by taking on all or part of the recruitment process, acting as an extension of our client’s HR and Recruitment teams.  Our dedicated team can sit onsite and take ownership of either selected elements or the entire hiring process or work remotely and contribute to a company’s talent acquisition model.

We offer full or project based RPO solutions depending on your company’s changing needs.

Crewing Services

We can provide a fully outsourced crew solution, meaning we can not only offer recruitment and administrative services, but a whole crew solution for an entire operation.  As the employer, we are fully responsible for the management of crew including training, scheduling and rostering, as well as culture and performance management and all other personnel related responsibilities.

CAE manage the entire HR function for the personnel including recruitment, payroll, performance management, sick leave management, annual leave, issuance of uniforms, issuance of identification documentation, obtaining security passes and terminations.

We coordinate the scheduling of personnel providing the services in accordance with the operation’s prevailing flight schedules, required training, annual leave requirements and ground duty where required. CAE manage scheduling requirements and communicate scheduling requirements with the personnel.