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Training Management

Bringing industry leading training solutions to the market
Managing all your crew’s training is a demanding and administrative burden. However, ensuring regulatory compliance is fundamental in upholding the integrity of your airline, protecting your passengers and crew, and keeping air travel safe. Not to mention, the ways in which pilots and cabin crew train have evolved, putting even more pressure on training managers to deliver effective training solutions for modern learners.
CAE’s Training Management offers a holistic solution with access to course development teams, a complete training management system, an extensive courseware library, and unparalleled service.
Proactively manage your crew training.
Why choose CAE’s Training Management Solution?

A robust web-based enterprise training management system

Library of extensive CBT training courses 

Robust APIs to support integration with 3rd party applications

Enhance safety with more effective training 

Reduce training cost 

The right solutions for training success

Training Management and Deployment System (TMDS)

With CAE’s TMDS, you can manage and deploy your aviation training through one solution. It encompasses: 

  • Learning Management System (LMS) – Organize, launch, and track eLearning content 
  • CrewPad Mobile Solutions – Deploy online/offline training on IOS, provide QMS details to users  
  • Exam Generation System (EGS) – Design and manage technical questions, exams, and quizzes 
  • Training Scheduling System – ​Streamline scheduling processes and track instructors, students, and resources​ 
  • Electronic Training Records System (ETR) – Collect training and assessment data offline for EBT/ATQP/AQP 
  • Qualification Management System (QMS) – Manage complex crew qualifications​ 
  • Central Analytical Reporting – Develop and maintain company-specific analytics and reports

CAE’s TMDS is a cost-effective, scalable, and flexible solution that offers both desktop and mobile-friendly versions and is configurable to meet your operational needs and requirements.  

The most comprehensive aviation training and compliance management solution in the industry.  

CAE Real-time Insights Standardized Evaluations (RISE) Training System

Deliver higher quality training and insights with CAE’s Rise Training System. This data-driven training system leverages analytics to make pilot training more effective and provide the safest operational environments. This solution will build the foundation for your training management ecosystem as it spans: 

  • eGrading – Access your digital training library and ensure a standard training delivery 
  • Training Event Viewer – Easily view performance during and after training 
  • Analytics – Gain training intelligence 
  • Editor – Ability to tailor curriculums to better meet the needs of trainees  
  • Records – Safeguard all your trainee records on a digitized and centralized filing system  

This end-to-end solution uses objective data, metric-based insights, and training intelligence to ensure you’re making data-driven decisions and personalizing content for your entire crew.  

A next-generation app that leverages data analytics to increase pilot training effectiveness, instruction, and pilot safety. 

Unlock your training data.