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Maximize your training with CAE Rise™ and CAE Pelesys

Harness the power of data to elevate safety, readiness and efficiency with CAE Rise™. Benefit from added training intelligence to elevate training standards and mitigate training deficiencies.

Gain access to aviation eLearning pioneer, CAE Pelesys. Operators benefit from combined CAE, Bombardier and CAE Pelesys course development teams, a complete training management system and extensive courseware library and unparalleled service with more than 200 commercial aviation customers supported.

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CAE Pelesys

CAE Pelesys is a global leader and provider of Aviation Training Management Solutions to Airlines, Training Organizations, OEMs and MROs. Our complete training management system, extensive courseware library, and unparalleled service make us the perfect fit as your training solutions provider and partner.

CAE Rise™

CAE Rise™ is a data-driven training system that leverages analytics to make pilot training more effective and provide the safest operational environments. CAE’s vision with the CAE Rise™ training system is to be the foundation to a training management ecosystem, and an Integrated Safety Management System.

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