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Training Management

CAE Pelesys

Web-based solutions for aviation training organizations to deliver training and stay compliant.

Why choose CAE Pelesys?

CAE Pelesys is a global leader and provider of Aviation Digital Solutions to Airlines, ATOs and other aviation training organizations. Our systems solutions and extensive courseware library coupled with an unparalleled service make us the perfect fit as your training management solutions partner.
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Our training management system
Manage and deploy all your aviation training through a single platform.

Pelesys Training Management and Deployment System (TMDS) is the industry’s most comprehensive aviation training and compliance management platform. TMDS is a modular Enterprise platform, that provides training leaders a flexible and cost-effective approach to implementing software solutions to meet their training organization’s needs.

Scalable, TMDS’s can be extend beyond flight crew training to also manage training for maintenance personnel, dispatchers, and other staff members where compliancy is critical.

Desktop and mobile, online and offline, our system can be configured according to your organization’s requirements and supports “out-of-the-box” integration to other 3rd party software platforms.

Our courseware
One of the largest courseware libraries in the industry.

Our extensive aviation training courseware library is designed for flight crews requiring initial or recurrent training. Our Type Training and Special Operations Courseware features high quality graphics and interactive media to make learning engaging.

Our courseware is maintained up-to-date on an annual basis to ensure compliancy with the latest regulatory requirements.

We support over 150 customers around the world spanning from commercial airlines, business aviation operators, training organizations, OEMs, MROs and government.

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