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Robust Crew Management Solutions for the complex world of aviation crew scheduling

Airlines and business aircraft operators face pressures like few other industries – heavily regulated, highly competitive, ultra-visible, and with incredibly tight margins. Pilots and crew worldwide must be optimized to balance performance, cost, compliance, and crew satisfaction.

Experience robust end-to-end crew management like never before. Now operator’s simulation equipment, training and scheduling, and crew management solution (CMS) can be connected to create the most comprehensive offering in the marketplace and help optimize “total crew costs”.  Our crew management ecosystem is cloud-enabled, powers multi-operator support, and is scalable.

Following our acquisition of Sabre AirCentre, Merlot Aero, and RB Group - operators now have access to a holistic crew management ecosystem that supports:

  • Long and short-term crew optimization
  • Training & scheduling
  • Crew day of operations
  • Real-time disruption management
  • Real-time mobile communication
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