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Our goal

Be a global employer of choice and a world-class leader in safety.

Our objectives
Be an aviation safety model for the industry in our flight operations
  • Increase the number of voluntary safety reports by 10% annually
  • Reduce the number of incidents with serious injury or material damage by 10% annually
  • Perform one or more external, live flight safety reviews annually
Achieve world-class performance in occupational health & safety
  • Provide a safe environment for all employees and customers during and after the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Reduce our Injury Frequency Rate (IFR) and our Days Lost Rate (DLR) by 5% annually
  • Develop a reporting culture to increase our Near Miss Rate (NMR) by 5% annually
  • Include H&S as a key indicator in the governance process for all our business units
  • Continue investing in our Global Health & Safety Management System to achieve our zero injury vision
  • Train leaders on mental health awareness and create a community of practice
Attract and retain the most talented and engaged people around the world
  • Craft and implement tailored development plans to support the growth of our people
  • Move or promote 20% of identified high-potential employees to new roles annually
  • Continue to maintain and create co-op and internship opportunities in Canada every year, including Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) activities
  • Maintain high employee engagement and confidence in leadership
  • Provide leadership training on effective and engaging management of remote teams
Increase diversity and inclusion throughout our workforce
  • By FY21, increase the number of high-potential employees in key roles by 20%, with 30% of newly identified high-potential employees being women
  • By FY22, ensure 30% of our Board members and executive officers are women
  • By FY23, improve our gender diversity by increasing the number of women employees by at least 10%
  • Establish a Diversity Council made up of members of CAE’s leadership team
  • Benchmark current best practices and establish targets to increase the recruitment and placement of women leaders

Safety is our business

At CAE, our purpose is all about ensuring the safety and well-being of our stakeholders and our industry. It’s about putting people first. As our company shifts from a product to a training service focus, attracting, developing and retaining the best talent is more crucial to fulfilling our mission than ever. So is cultivating the highest levels of employee engagement.

We’re committed to ensuring that flying stays one of the world’s safest mode of transportation by advancing the highest standards of aviation safety, from the ground up into the skies.

Aviation safety

Aviation safety has always been at the centre of CAE’s fabric. Making the skies safe is rooted in everything we do, from the design of our training products, simulators and computer based courseware, to the delivery of our training services on the ground and in the air. Over four billion people fly annually on commercial aircraft, a number that continues to rise. Every year through our Civil Aviation and Defence & Security business units, we train more than 220,000 pilots and crewmembers around the world to fly safer, both in airborne aircraft as well as on the ground in flight simulators. We also train aircraft mechanics, flight attendants and managers on the skills they need to keep aircraft flying safely in our skies.

Health and safety

Every year, we hold our Annual Global Environment, Health and Safety meeting, creating global synergies for exchanging best practices and aligning all H&S representatives with our corporate strategy and vision. We also celebrate Global Health and Safety Day at Work every year, to share health and safety initiatives with all our employees worldwide.

To achieve our vision of world-class H&S performance and zero injuries, we’re guided by our:

Global Health and Safety Policy

Safety Management System (SMS)

Developed in fiscal 2016, our Safety Management System (SMS) reflects the global reality of our businesses and aligns expectations with our policy and standards. It incorporates our governance, reporting and metrics processes.

Our four strategic pillars
  • Compliance
  • Structure and programs
  • Education and development
  • Leadership and behaviours

The first two pillars ensure we establish a strong foundation for H&S excellence, while the last two help us embed a management-led prevention culture across our organization.

Global Health and Safety team

Our executive-led Global H&S team meets monthly to:

  • Discuss high-risk issues and action plans
  • Monitor incident investigations, corrective and preventive actions, and overall H&S performance
10 critical H&S standards

Our vision of excellence is supported by 10 critical H&S standards. We began rolling out these global standards in fiscal 2016. These standards help us build the solid foundation needed to create a world-class culture, standardize our operations and improve leadership accountability for H&S performance. They are:

Management and leadership

Energy isolation

Electrical safety

Confined spaces and isolated work

Contractor management

Risks and hazards identification

Work at heights and fall protection

Rigging and mobile lifting equipment

Explosion and fire protection

Emergency preparedness

Transparency in Medical and Pharmacy Coverage Prices

On behalf of CAE United States operations, BCBSTX creates and publishes the machine-readable files on  behalf of CAE. To link to the machine-readable files, please click here:

Over 13,000 strong

In the late 1940s, CAE consisted of 18 employees repairing and installing Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) radio equipment from a vacant aircraft hangar in St. Hubert, Canada. Today, our 13,000+ employees work across 180 sites in more than 35 countries delivering sophisticated integrated training solutions. Their expertise and passion for excellence fuel our global success as the training partner of choice in civil aviation, defence and security, and healthcare.

Nurturing the next generation

Our employees have helped develop the next generation of talent and expertise by working side by side with over 250 co-op students annually. The benefits to both CAE and the students are significant. Our employees also actively mentor high school students interested in engineering and science through diverse programs and competitions.

Fostering diversity: Professional Women’s Network

In 2015, a group of five women from various professional backgrounds and different stages of their career spearheaded the launch of CAE’s Professional Women’s Network (PWN). This employee-led initiative is steered by a committee of volunteers and guided by an Advisory Committee composed of CAE executives. The PWN’s mission is to attract, retain, engage and develop women at CAE and help them achieve their goals. Today the network has 200 members in Montreal and chapters in other regions worldwide such as Sarasota and Tampa, Florida, and Ottawa, Ontario.

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