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Your partner in recruitment and high-standard cabin safety training

A quality cabin crew is essential to your customer experience. With years of experience in recruitment and high-standard cabin safety training in 10 dedicated facilities worldwide, CAE helps you secure the best cabin crew talent. Join a growing list of airlines already counting on us for crew sourcing and customized training programs. Make CAE your cabin crew training partner of choice.

Cabin Crew Training

CAE offers a combination of theoretical and practical training delivered by qualified instructors and are available at our training locations across the world or at your airline’s local operations.

Standard courses can be tailored to your airline’s requirements, including:

  • Initial Safety Training
  • Conversion & Differences Training
  • Annual Recurrent Training and Checking
  • Refresher Training
  • Senior Cabin Crew Training
  • Cabin Crew CRM Training
  • Medical Aspects & First Aid
  • Emergency Equipment Training
  • Water Survival Training
  • Fire & Smoke Training
  • Dangerous Goods

Customized Courses

Standard courses can be tailored to your specifications or we can design completely new courses based on your airline’s needs. Courses can be developed incorporating your brand, training philosophy and your Standard Operating Procedures.

Train the Trainer - Cabin Crew Instructor Training

Our instructors provide cabin crew instructor training to enable your cabin crew to further develop their professional skills and to ensure that they can then pass on these skills and expertise throughout your training organisation.

Cabin Crew Recruitment & Selection

CAE can assist your airline in locating and attracting the best cabin crew talent.

Startup Airlines

In addition to cabin safety training, CAE also offers consultancy services to startup airlines. This support covers both pilot and cabin training, including the following elements:

  • Development of training manuals
  • Assisting the Regulatory Approval Process with local National Aviation Authorities (NAA)
  • Licensing and Certification Processes
  • Monitoring NAA Audits

10 Cabin Safety Training Dedicated Facilities

 With ten cabin safety training locations across three continents, CAE trains thousands of cabin crew every year.

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