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Exam Generation System (EGS)

Exam Generation System (EGS)

The Exam Generation System (EGS) is a web-based question management and exam generation tool that provides a centralized platform to manage question databases and create electronic exams, quizzes, assessments and surveys. Exam structures can be created that meet examination requirements, such as random question generation, random question order, random distracters, time limitation, re-entry restriction, mastery scoring and will meet regulatory authorities examination and System Knowledge Validation (SKV) requirements including traning remediation criteria for an individual or classroom.

Features include:

Fully integrated with the LMS (export exams as newly available courseware).

Many types of questions supported (multiple choice, multiple response, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, surveys).

Questions and exams are highly customizable (pictures, backgrounds, fonts, rules, question groups).

Reports and analysis based on real-life student answers.

Exam workflow can be customized (timers, randomized questions/distracters, answering sequence, reporting).

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