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Customized solutions tailored to your situation
Revolutionize your business' success in today's challenging economic landscape. With CAE's Flight Operations Services, discover unparalleled solutions tailored to elevate your bottom line. Our expert team brings a fresh, objective perspective to your operations, detecting untapped potential for higher business efficiencies and growth.
Our Flight Operations Services are a comprehensive suite of services encompassing Consulting, Planning as a Service, Training, and Customer Success. Seamlessly optimize your airline's operations across crew management, pairing, rostering, workforce planning, training, incident management, and beyond. Partner with us to unlock a new era of excellence.
Why choose CAE's Flight Operations Services?

Faster value realization

Leverage our team's industry expertise

Grow your bottom-line by reducing costs

Incorporate industry-wide learning and best practices 

Improve operational efficiency while delighting stakeholders

Ensure customer delight with on-time operations and happy crews

Navigate regulations, workforce events and other contingencies with experts on your side

Flight Operations Consulting

Empower your business' success with our specialized consulting services, designed to optimize operations and drive decisions that potentially provide 2-10% savings in crew-related costs. Our comprehensive suite of consulting services includes:

  • Base Study - Tailored suggestions for an optimal basing structure aligned with operational and strategic needs.
  • Schedule Analysis - In-depth cost impact assessments through cutting-edge optimization and analytics for schedule modifications.
  • Rules Documentation - Clarity-driven support to interpret and integrate rules, enhancing safety and averting regulatory penalties.
  • Leave and Training Slot Calculations - Precision analyses to harmonize leave and training slots with crew requirements, flight volumes, and seasonal demands.
  • Post-Publish Change Audit - Thorough auditing to detect and rectify deviations between planned and actual processes.
  • Buffer Analysis - Strategic buffer creation to increase robustness of crew rosters and aircraft schedules, while maintaining efficiency.
  • Recovery Manager Calibration - CAE Recovery Manager calibration to fortify against delays and stay updated.
  • Delay and Standby Analysis - Identifying delay trends, causes, and maximizing standby utilization for enhanced efficiency.
  • Strategic Union Negotiation Analysis - Conducting comprehensive cost-benefit assessments for rule changes, union negotiations and regulatory adaptations.
  • Fatigue Management - Identifying fatigue patters and combinations within schedules using cutting-edge fatigue algorithm models, improving safety and crew satisfaction.

Planning as a Service

Entrust us with the comprehensive management of pairing, rostering, Preferential Bidding System (PBS), and workforce planning for our airline partners, leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities of CAE Pairing, Rostering, PBS, and Workforce Planning Optimizer. Our flexible rule engine allows seamless integration of crew quality-of-life considerations, fatigue risk management, regulatory and company rules, and alignment with company KPI targets. Rely on our expertise to optimize operations while prioritizing crew well-being and regulatory compliance.


Explore our comprehensive training courses for CAE Flight Operations Solutions suite. Our expert trainers deliver a diverse range of courses to maximize the potential and efficiency of our solutions. Elevate your team's proficiency and unlock the full spectrum of benefits our solutions have to offer through specialized training programs.

Customer Success

Crafting bespoke daily support for teams is our specialty, fueled by our unparalleled a-la-carte Customer Success services. Experience top-tier offerings including rapid case response time, dedicated expert guidance, frequent on-site visits, and comprehensive incident management. We tailor our services to exceed your needs at every turn, ensuring seamless operations and unmatched satisfaction.

Ready to unlock higher efficiencies in your flight operations?