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Airport Management

Choreograph airport operations with ease.
Airports are chaotic. With ongoing schedule changes, airline and business aircraft operators must quickly adapt to respond to disruptions. The degree to which operators can reallocate resources to maintain turnaround times while ground crew can adjust to task and gate reassignments will directly impact the passenger and employee experience.
CAE’s Airport Management offers a reliable, comprehensive, integrated solution that improves operational performance – even in times of change. This suite of resource and gate management tools uses automation and optimization to increase utilization and efficiency as well as reduce fuel burn and aircraft hold times. Our solution will enable you to plan, adapt, and execute the most effective airport operation plan for your entire fleet.
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Why choose CAE’s Airport Management

Minimize costs by optimizing resource utilization

Maintain – and even improve – turnaround times

Improve customer and employee experience

The right solutions for your airport operations

Staff Planner

Resource planning begins with CAE’s Staff Planner. This software uses advanced algorithms to determine your long-term staffing requirements while taking into account station management, human resources, and financial planning. With a detailed yet clean interface, you can easily oversee shift coverage and demand needs on a single screen.  

Staff Manager

Quickly respond to last-minute resource changes with CAE’s Staff Manager. This tool enables you to better manage day-of-operations staffing challenges, including delayed or cancelled flights, weather impacts, and sick or absent staff. You can adapt resources with real-time task communication and reallocation capabilities so operations are not impacted. 

Staff Admin

CAE’s Staff Admin tool is a complete, end-to-end employee administration solution. You can manage all employee contracts, accounts, and payroll details while the ground crew can access shift and vacation bidding. This web-based employee self-service solution will help automate and streamline the manual administrative tasks involved in resource planning.

Roster Maker

Optimize your resources while minimizing unproductive time with CAE’s Roster Maker. This tool will generate the optimal roster schedule based on the fleet plan, required coverage, and overtime requirements and push it out to all ground crew members through a mobile app. Easily stay on top of shifts, days off, roster patterns, business units, and departments with a colour-coded display of your entire roster. 

Task Connect

Keep your ground crew in-the-know with CAE’s Task Connect. This mobile app ensures that your employees know where to be, when to be there, and what needs to be done at all times. It also enables two-way communication so that ground crew can provide status updates on tasks for complete operational visibility and transparency. 

Staff Connect

Enable your team to better manage their busy schedules with CAE’s Staff Connect. This mobile app will allow ground crew to view their schedule and request trades, overtime, time off, and any other absences anytime, anywhere. Plus, with its automation capabilities, you can set rules to ensure labour compliance without having to do any administrative oversight.

Gate Manager

Better manage day-of-operations gating challenges with CAE’s Gate Manager. This solution will keep you proactive by identifying potential problems before they occur and providing alternative solutions. Together with its what-if analysis capabilities, you can examine the impacts of schedule changes and adding/closing gates to even further plan aircraft gating requirements.   

Gate Planner

With CAE’s Gate Planner, you can ensure the right aircraft is at the right gate at the right time. This planning tool uses sophisticated algorithms, scenario management, and what-if analysis to examine and generate the optimal gate assignments for your entire fleet. All the while, its graphical presentation makes it easy to re-assign more feasible and efficient gates prior to an aircraft’s arrival.

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