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Flight Operations Solutions

Flight Management

Delivering lower cost flight plans.
Flight management is a key component of flight operations. However, flight planning is a very dynamic process when considering costs, competition, and airspace constraints. You need to make constant adjustments based on real-time data to deliver the optimal flight plans across your entire fleet.
CAE’s Flight Management combines all the core functions of flight operations to offer a complete solution. This configurable solution will empower you with the data and information to deliver the optimal flight plans. Even more, by integrating artificial intelligence into our systems, Flight Management can predict future scenarios and proactively solve any events that could cause disruptions to your operations.
Ready to get your operations on the best path?
Why choose CAE’s Flight Management Solution?

Achieve maximum savings with lower cost flight plans

Reach superior fuel economy with real-time data and predictive tools to optimize routes, before take-off and while in the air

Improve experience for passengers and crew by minimizing the impact of delays

The right solutions for your flight operation needs

Flight Plan Manager

Lower costs while increasing productivity with CAE’s Flight Plan Manager. This easily configurable application allows you to analyze and optimize flight plans for your entire fleet in a single view. By using multi-variable, dynamic cost analysis and trajectory optimization, this automated solution will also calculate and present the most optimal routes for your aircraft to fly.

Experience industry-leading cost savings through comprehensive flight planning automation and alerting.

Flight Explorer

Track and monitor all your aircraft as they navigate the world with CAE’s Flight Explorer. This comprehensive and streamlined system provides you with critical information, including position data to achieve compliance with GADSS (Global Aeronautical Distress & Safety System) and extensive graphical weather options. Plus, your team can gain optimal situational awareness for any circumstance with its configurable views.

Combine route analysis and alerts to manage evolving situations proactively.

Flight Explorer Mobile

Stay informed of your fleet's flight status on the go with Flight Explorer Mobile, the companion app to Flight Explorer Professional.

Flight Explorer Mobile is an integrated flight-following and management decision support tool that improves operational efficiency and business performance by incorporating multiple data feeds, dynamic weather overlays, and situational alerts to extend the alerting and tracking capabilities from Flight Explorer Professional to mobile devices.  This allows on the go access to flight status, flight alerts, weather and airport delays, and real time tracking to give your operation the best in aircraft situational awareness.

Maximize the value of Flight Explorer, by enabling decision support on the go with Flight Explorer Mobile.

eFlight Manager

Keep your crew in-the-know with CAE’s eFlight Manager. This solution sends briefing data gathered from Flight Explorer and Flight Plan Manager directly to the flight deck. Pilots are empowered with real-time data to make more confident decisions and recalculate routes for better accuracy and cost savings. Synchronizing your aircraft and ground-based data will not only ensure cross-functional alignment but help improve your post-flight analysis and future planning. 

Merge airborne and ground-based data by simultaneously capturing and distributing valuable flight and airport information.

Operations Communication Manager

Enable air-ground and ground-ground messaging anywhere, anytime with CAE’s Operations Communication Manager. This web-based communication tool is highly adaptable and flexible to ensure open communication across departments and roles. Dispatchers can better support the crew, while Flight Managers can better oversee operations.

Empower staff and crew with connectivity and data at their fingertips.

Workload Optimizer

Dispatchers are valuable, expert airline resources. They optimize flights beyond the limitations of technology, ensuring safe and cost-efficient operations. However, dispatchers work in one of the most demanding, dynamic environments, where changes are frequent, and so are disruptions. CAE Workload Optimizer allows operators to overcome static resource assignments, unknown workload peaks, and reactive responses to disruptions by forecasting dispatcher utilization, proactively encompassing adverse events, and mitigating peaks in an advanced, balanced, and scenario-based fashion.

Balance your workload and mitigate disruptions – with Workload Optimizer

The next-generation of flight management awaits.