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Flight Operations Solutions

In-Flight Services Management

An intuitive approach to onboard provisioning and catering
Managing onboard catering is a juggling act. You must ensure brand consistency, customer satisfaction, and food quality, while considering financial control and contract governance. Plus, operating siloed systems with limited integration, automation, and reporting, means all your work must be completed manually, limiting your ability to respond effectively to schedule changes and operational inefficiencies. Not to mention the overpayment, excess inventory, and meal wastage that comes with outdated systems and processes.
Enter CAE’s In-Flight Services Management. This comprehensive onboard catering and provisioning solution reduces complexity, improves control, and offers complete operational visibility. By being an end-to-end system, you only need this single source for all aspects of services planning, meal ordering, forecasting, operations, materials management, financial controls, and reporting. This tool is built with automation and integration at the forefront to help alleviate the manual labor required for in-flight management while optimizing resources to reduce costs and protect brand consistency.
Ready to regain control over your onboard provisions?
Why choose CAE’s In-Flight Services Management?

The only cater-neutral solution on the market. 

Accurate forecasting to minimize meal wastage and saves costs. 

Fully automated controls to streamline processes and reduce manual tasks. 

Common platform across the business to improve and encourage centralized communication.

The perfect solution for your in-flight meal planning needs


CAE’s In-Flight Services Management - Planning tool facilitates long-term menu planning. By leveraging automation, you will be empowered to better project meals served on board and service allocation while enabling communication of requirements to third-party caterers. This automation tool will also help eliminate errors prone to manually intensive processes. 

Integrate and automate service planning with online distribution and caterer access to information and schedules. 


Get the right meal and services on the right flight with CAE’s In-Flight Services Management -Operations. This tool takes special meal requests, upgrades, no-shows, go-shows, and staff travelers, as well as flight schedules and gate numbers, into account to better manage the day-of-operations catering. Plus, its machine learning algorithm utilizes accurate passenger and item forecasts to reduce meal wastage.  

Optimize meal ordering with a self-learning, self-adjusting meal forecasting algorithm that forecasts meal count per flight per cabin class. 


Take control over meal costs with CAE’s In-Flight Services Management - Financials. This solution provides an analytics base for accounting, cost control, and performance analysis. Even more, it can automate invoice auditing and payment approval, as well as integrate with your accounts payable system for a streamlined and efficient financial system. 

Use business intelligence to ensure contractual compliance and implement financial governance.   


CAE’s In-Flight Services Management - Analysis is a robust web-based reporting tool. With powerful business intelligence capabilities, you are empowered with accurate reporting and real-time data for all key metric areas. Plus, this software retains historical information to forecast market trends and future caterer spending projections. 

Empower decision-making and support with relevant and accurate data.  

Galley Optimizer

Is your galley set up for success? CAE’s In-Flight Services Management - Galley Optimizer can do just that. This tool creates a visual layout of your aircraft and galleys to help determine the optimal galley and cart plan, with automated reloading capabilities, for all your onboard provisions based on ergonomics and convenience. 

Set up your galleys and carts to optimize your inventory and protect your crew. 

Materials Manager

CAE’s In-Flight Services Management - Materials Manager is an inventory control tool that automates the process of generating new orders, transferring requests, and redistributing inventory around the network. More than just food products, Materials Manager also accounts for alcoholic beverages, rotatable equipment, disposables, and duty-free merchandise. 

Stay in control of inventory management with automation and an easy-to-integrate system.  

Operations Re-Provisioner

Respond to last-minute flight changes close to the time of departure with CAE’s In-Flight Services Management - Operations Re-Provisioner. This system processes real-time schedule changes and then applies scheduling policies and rules to reprovision and re-cater flights accordingly. You will be able to ensure accurate catering from caters while minimizing manual and exceptional invoicing and charges. 

Manage and react to operational flight changes quickly and effectively.  

Spend Manager

CAE’s In-Flight Services Management - Spend Manager is a budgeting tool stemming from the Financials tool. It compares your previously projected catering costs to your actual catering costs to help you better analyze and understand your meal spending. Plus, it offers “what-if” analysis for adjusting and estimating your future expenditures. 

Gain better visibility into what you’re spending – and what you’re wasting – onboard.  

Deliver cost savings with every meal served.