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Flight Operations Solutions

Operations Control

Orchestrate your operations – better.
Teams at Operation Control Centers typically work in silos, making it impossible to make system-wide decisions, communicate with each other, and make modifications throughout the entire operations system. With a fine line between profit and loss, operators have little room for error.
Enter CAE’s Operations Control, the most comprehensive, real-time, scalable, and configurable operations management system on the market. This solution empowers operation controllers by enabling them to manage, communicate, and recover faster and easier than ever before.
Ready to take complete control over your aircraft’s movements?
Why choose CAE’s Operations Control?

Deliver elevated customer & employee experience

Improve operational efficiency & performance

Reduce costs & increase profitability

The right solution for airline operators

Movement Manager

With a single view of your entire fleet, CAE’s Movement Manager makes it easier to manage all the moving parts required for a day of flight and future operations. This solution enables cross-functional alignment and common situational awareness across teams to avoid duplicate data entries and reduce human error. Plus, its advanced functionalities and intuitive design help you keep track of the tiniest details that could impact operations. 

Create a collaborative environment that’s agile at protecting schedules and minimizing passenger impact.

Operations Web

Access key information on your mobile device with CAE’s Operations Web solution. This solution offers the same single-view display as the Movement Manager but in a mobile-friendly version. All critical data, including operation, aircraft, and flight details, can be available anytime, anywhere. Empower your team to respond to changes and keep operations running smoothly at their fingertips and as they happen. 

Communicate critical data across locations and functions on a real-time basis.

Recovery Manager Ops

Disruptions are inevitable, but with CAE’s Recovery Manager Ops solution you can get back to normal operations faster – and smarter than before. The system optimizes schedules and aircraft to build the best recovery scenarios, considering the financial impact and passenger and crew experience. Plus, data tracking helps predict avoidable delays in the future, so you can consistently execute the best operational plan. 

Recover from disruptions with speed and accuracy to provide a consistent operational and passenger experience.

Task Board

Redefine the way you manage operations with CAE’s Task Board. With user experience at the forefront of this solution, operation controllers are empowered to make quick decisions in an easy-to-use dashboard. Being powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Task Board also generates real-time automated solutions to all your complex problems, enabling your team to optimize daily operations effortlessly. 

Drive coordinated decision making with better user efficiency and automation. 

Hear what our customers have to say…

The situation requires us to be adaptive especially in adjusting our dynamic flight operations. The Movement Manager platform helps us to cohesively manage flight operations in this dynamic environment.
Garuda, Indonesia
We are thankful to have a business partner …that offered us efficient technological tools like the Movement Manager during this challenging time.
Flight Operations Solutions, including Movement Manager, helped us maintain the same level of quality in our operations while employees were connected from their home. Having all systems integrated across schedule, movement and crew management helped make this happen without any issue.
The path to smooth operations starts here.