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CAE provides end-to-end solutions across the Advanced Air Mobility ecosystem

Pilot Training

CAE is taking a clean-sheet approach to AAM training, placing pilot competencies at the core, rather than relying on traditional prescriptive models. Our approach is self-paced, adaptive, and student-centric, tailored to the needs of the modern learner. Through data analytics, we optimize training at both the individual trainee and program levels, resulting in more efficient pilot throughput and accelerated skill development, which in turn reduces the need for remedial training.

As an Authorized Trainer Provider, our global reach allows us to offer training close to our customers worldwide. We continually invest in our networks and technologies to provide unparalleled support to our customers. Our unwavering commitment to training excellence, coupled with our extensive global presence and customer-centric approach, positions us as the preferred training partner of choice for AAM aviation organizations.

Technician Training

CAE offers flexible, relevant, and cutting-edge technician training solutions that reflect the evolving standards of training curriculum, competencies, and MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) delivery services. Our tailored training programs are assessed and built specifically for the unique needs of each vehicle design, equipment installation, and maintenance requirement, ensuring continued airworthiness and compliance with type certification. Leveraging our global training network, advanced training tools, and digital ecosystem, we aim to cultivate a highly skilled technician workforce that enhances safety, efficiency, and readiness for AAM fleets. Partnering with CAE for technician training equips your workforce with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the demands of the rapidly evolving AAM industry.

Developing Training Programs & Courseware

CAE can lead the development, certification and deployment of a competency-based training programs tailored specifically to the unique requirements of eVTOL aircraft. Our student-centric training programs leverage data-analytics, modern learning techniques and advanced training technologies for a faster and more efficient trainee throughput. We work with aircraft manufacturers to build out training task lists, perform a Training Needs Analysis (TNA), and produce a training specification for each pilot and technician training. Following the approval of the training specification, CAE will develop engaging, interactive courseware using the most effective tools to achieve learning objectives.

Workforce Sourcing

CAE, with over 40 years of experience in aviation personnel solutions, can support operators in meeting the unprecedented demand for skilled pilots and technicians in the growing field of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). Our services include providing aviation professionals on a permanent, contract, or temporary basis, and offering full crew operations management services tailored for AAM operations, including support for day 1 operations. With CAE's expertise, operators can confidently build a skilled workforce for safe and efficient AAM operations.

Engineering Simulation

CAE's high-fidelity Engineering Simulators (ESims) empower Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to efficiently identify and resolve integration issues, while also serving as a valuable tool in the certification process. Our ESims platform enables quick integration of test versions of software and hardware components, facilitating easy swapping of system functionality between software models and hardware boxes.

Equipped with a range of tools, our ESims support investigation of integration issues, automated testing, and manual validation. They also provide capabilities for human factors assessment and acceleration of cockpit design. The versatility and advanced features of our ESims allow OEMs to effectively identify and address potential issues in the integration process, ensuring smooth and efficient certification of their products.

Flight Operations

CAE’s Flight Operations Solutions helps AAM aircraft and infrastructure operators break silos within their organization and harness the power of data to improve operational performance, profitability, and passenger experience. Spanning operations control, vertiport, crew and flight management, CAE offers an end-to-end solution that improves decision making by using data across the entire operation, tailored for Advanced Air Mobility. Today, Airlines worldwide rely on the intelligent and mobile-enabled tools to track over 54 million flights per year, while supporting over 200,000 crew members across every major alliance.​

Digital Twins for AAM Infrastructure

CAE's digital twins are high-fidelity virtual representations of real-world assets, environments, or systems. This tool connects real-world data with simulated, visualized representations, allowing cross-functional teams to collaboratively design, build, test, and deploy complex AAM infrastructure and systems in an interactive and immersive manner. By leveraging CAE's digital twins, users can effectively simulate real-world conditions, conduct what-if scenarios, and work with different variables to visualize outcomes instantly on any platform. CAE's digital twins enable maximizing efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and data-driven decision making for AAM infrastructure projects, providing valuable insights and support for AAM operations.

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