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Immersive, high fidelity, mixed reality flight simulation training devices

The CAE 700MXR series leverages decades of CAE’s advancements in extended reality technologies to deliver a high fidelity, physics-based mixed reality flight simulator. The CAE 700MXR will provide cost-effective, realistic, and scalable flight training for the next generation of aviators.

Introducing the CAE 700MXR

Mixed Reality (MR) is a technology that combines physical reality and digital environments to enable interactions with the real-world amongst virtual objects. The CAE 700MXR emulates flight characteristics and operational programs for single pilot operations, initially launched for electric Vertical Take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. The training device utilizes enhanced reality, high-precision head & hand tracking, and the accurate, tactile feel and physical experience of the aircraft’s flight controls and flight instruments and displays. Along with the compact mini-motion platform and 360⁰ Field of View visuals that deliver high-fidelity, physics-based simulation, the CAE 700MXR will revolutionize flight training for single-pilot operations in complex urban settings.

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Key Features

  • CAE’s level D aircraft & immersive environment simulation
  • Unlimited out-the-window field of view
  • High scene density immersive environment with AI-enabled air and land traffic built on high-resolution satellite imagery
  • Integrated with exact replica flight deck components or flight deck LRUs for a fully representative tactile experience
  • Real-time, predictive head tracking
  • Compact motion platform
  • Virtualized computing
  • Mixed reality head-mounted display
  • Combined audio and 3D sound simulation
  • Optimized off-board Instructor Operating System (IOS)
  • Individualized training feedback and Improved training curriculum using CAE Rise™ data-driven insights