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CAE is gaining momentum in the AAM market partnering with leading AAM companies

At CAE, our Advanced Air Mobility group exists to ensure safe and efficient operations through cutting-edge technology and tailored operational solutions. We are proud to have established partnerships with five leading eVTOL OEMs, each offering unique solutions that span the entire aircraft program, from pre-certification to operational readiness.

Recent media & interviews

Hear from Stella-Marissa Hughes, CAE’s AAM Strategy, Business Development and Partnerships Leader, on how CAE is adapting its 75 years of expertise to lead the most progressive, innovative, and adaptive learning experience for this new era of aviation.

eVTOL Insights Podcast Episode 84: Stella-Marissa Hughes, AAM Strategy, Business Development & Partnerships Leader at CAE

In this episode, Stella talks to us about the role CAE plays in the Advanced Air Mobility market and goes into detail about a white paper it published in 2020, which started to sound the alarm on pilot training for this emerging market.

She shares updates since its publication, what she thinks needs to be done in this particular area, and talks about the various partnerships CAE has formed with multiple eVTOL OEMs.

We also talk about a dedicated group CAE has launched to focus on AAM training and operation solutions and its 700MXR simulator, which was launched at last year's Farnborough Air Show.

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