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Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR)

FEDERAL AVIATION REGULATIONS (FAR) (Title 14-Code of Federal Regulations)

The Federal Aviation Regulations curriculum is an FAA-accepted overview of selected, applicable sections of the Federal Aviation Regulations (CFR Title 14) related to the responsibilities of Aviation Maintenance Technicians (AMTs) and associated aviation support personnel.

The course is taught with a basic premise of how better understanding the regulations can empower a technician or organization, thus ensuring regulatory compliance.

Technicians and repair organizations rarely revisit regulations until issues arise from errors of omission. A fundamental yet necessary discussion about maintenance regulations and common issues can save time, money, and embarrassment in today’s regulatory world.

FAR is an interactive class with informative discussions on the intent and common interpretations of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) for maintenance personnel. The students’ specific concerns drive the next area of focus and use the regulations themselves to solve everyday dilemmas.

Also included with the course materials are numerous references, resources, and links to Advisory Circulars, FAA Handbook Guidance, Federal Register (preambles), and FAA Policy Letters.

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