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Aircraft Corrosion Awareness

Aircraft Corrosion, Theory, Identification, and Treatment

This training curriculum includes theory, causes, and characteristics of corrosion; identification of metals and corrosion products; passivation methods for metal surfaces for corrosion prevention; and the preparation for maintenance coatings. The course addresses corrosion removal by chemical and mechanical techniques, plus a nondestructive inspection (NDI) methods review.

The electrochemical deterioration of metal used in aircraft construction (commonly known as corrosion) is a persistent problem within the aerospace industry. Also known as metal fatigue, corrosion is a microscopic phenomenon that can cause millions of dollars in damages and possible tragic results when left unchecked. A simple thumbnail-size corrosion cell can lead to a catastrophic failure in critical components, wings, or fuselages.

The instructor will review case scenarios to provide insight into this natural phenomenon and what aircraft technicians can do to minimize this insidious condition on the aircraft they maintain. This interactive teaching and discussion, coupled with photographic examples, will be the foundation to identify corrosion in various types of metal and their alloys and the best practices to protect them, aiding in corrosion prevention. The contents and examples from this course go well beyond what is often provided by typical Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) training on this topic.

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