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Great reasons to become cabin crew

Multicultural teams

You will have the opportunity to work with a different crew on each flight, with colleagues from different nationalities. There is nothing like being surrounded by people of different cultures to open your mind and grow as a person.


Office in the sky

Whether it's your first flight or you have years of flying experience, there's nothing as magical as working in an office at 6,000 meters.


Travel around the world

Working as a cabin crew is a great way to discover new places and travel around the world. Start your day in one city and finish it in a different one to explore!


Make your dream a reality

Surely you have dreamed of being a cabin crew since you are a child. Make your profession your passion and you will never have to work.


Flexible Work

If you do not like routine or the Monday to Friday office schedule, this profession allows you to enjoy free time when most of the people is working.


Open doors

If one day you change your mind and want to stop flying, you will have a very valuable experience that provides opportunities for other professions in the aviation and tourism sector.

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