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Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT)

As of 19th December 2019, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) will require all Approved Training Organisations to incorporate Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) into their pilot aircraft initial type rating courses. The following outlines how CAE is preparing to comply with the regulation for type rating training, update of recurrent training and Operator Conversion Courses (OCC).

Aircraft Type Rating Courses

CAE has initiated an update program for our type rating courses to ensure approval by December 2019. The majority of the new items are already being trained, however the update of Appendix 9 of part FCL requires them to achieve standard proficiency during type rating training and reflective of what is already required during an EASA AOC holder during their recurrent training.

Simulator Updates

CAE’s Business Aviation Simulators already have updated IOS pages with options for preset UPRT scenarios to allow seamlessly integration into the training experience. The instructor will also have performance displays to ensure the training stays within the aircraft flight envelope throughout the manoeuvre, as well as displays that graphically represent the key flight control inputs and primary flight display to monitor pilot performance. We are using these innovative solutions to meet the very latest certification standards from ICAO, EASA, FAA & other National Authorities. See simulator certificates here.

Instructor Training

Given the seriousness of the threat to safety and the potential for negative training, we at CAE feel it was extremely important to ensure that our instructors are properly prepared to teach the appropriate procedures and techniques to our customers. Our instructors are trained to deliver initial & recurrent UPRT training utilising a program consisting of CBT, ground and simulator training that provides the subject matter expertise.

Computer Based Training

To assist with UPRT training, CAE Pelesys provides UPRT Computer Based Training, to ensure your pilots have the best theoretical knowledge to underpin their simulator training.

Recurrent Training

UPRT prevention manoeuvres have been integrated into CAE’s standard recurrent training day program, UPRT Recovery is available as a standalone module (Reminder: as a minimum recovery items need to be trained for all seats a pilot flys in); our instructors are also able to deliver customised UPRT training as laid out in your Operations Manuals.

Operator Conversion Course (OCC)

For operators using CAE’s standard UPRT training we offer an off the shelf OCCto integrate your pilots into CAE’s recurrent, it has been designed it to integrate with UPRT recurrent for most operators.

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