Funding requirements and opportunities

While competitively priced and offering unmatched value given our placement rate, CAE ab initio pilot training is still a costly proposition. Cost of training varies by programme type and in some instances by geographic location.

Successful applicants that have passed assessment may access a funding solution with one of our approved partners. As with any financial solution, terms and conditions apply.

The following banks offer students access to funding to alleviate the financial pressures while completing their training. The terms and conditions for these loan schemes vary according to the bank and the country in which they are available. For further details see the links below or contact a CAE Training Advisor to learn about our partnerships with independent organisations who will be able to offer finance solutions and support.

The following are our approved partners in India:

Please note:
CAE is not a registered Financial Service Advisor (FSA) and cannot provide financial advice, guidance or comments on questions related to the financing options offered by the lenders.

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