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Multi-domain operations

Preparing for a great power competition means more digital immersion in a multi-domain synthetic environment.

As the U.S. and its allies shift their national defense strategies to preparing for near-peer threats, they also understand the need to operate across a full spectrum of conflict and across multiple domains at once.  This means considering air, land, maritime, space and cyber in a more integrated and holistic approach. 

Training and preparation for multi-domain operations is undoubtedly a challenge, particularly if you try to do so in a timely manner with real-world assets.  It is incredibly difficult to gather air, ground, naval and space personnel and assets in a cybersecure environment and do it as quickly, persistently and cost-effectively as needed to ensure readiness.    

This is where digital technologies, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, synthetic environments and virtual worlds come into play, and no company is better placed than CAE to assist in the training and operational support required for this multi-domain environment.   

Mission and Operations Support (M&OS)

Today’s defense forces are shifting their training and operational focus from asymmetric warfare to near peer threats. This requires their existing, often ad-hoc or platform-centric C5ISR architectures to adapt to the pace of the modern battlespace.

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Training and simulation have been and will always be in CAE’s DNA.  We offer our customers a comprehensive range of innovative training solutions, ranging from digital learning environments and mixed reality capabilities to integrated live, virtual, and constructive training in a secure networked environment.  As a platform-agnostic training systems integrator, we provide our solutions across multi-domain operations – air, land, maritime, space and cyber.

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