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Training Services

CAE is an experienced provider of a range of training services designed to help defense forces make optimal and efficient use of their training enterprize.

CAE offers a comprehensive portfolio of training and support services which you can learn more about in this section, including in-service support and sustainment logistics; instructor provisioning to help free military personnel so they can focus on operational requirements; turnkey training centre solutions; obsolescence management to reduce system downtime and ensure system optimization; and consulting services such as training needs analysis. The training and support services we provide are delivered by experienced professionals, many of whom are ex-military with in-depth knowledge and expertise specific to military training and operations.

CAE Training Systems Integrator

CAE Training Systems Integrator

CAE Mission Ready


CAE is uniquely qualified to handle all maintenance, support services, and sustainment logistics requirements of our defence customers. As a long-time training partner, CAE’s wealth of experience, focus on customer needs, and proven capability providing maintenance, support services, and sustainment logistics can help play a key role in extending the lifespan of training systems and actual platforms to make them available and reliable.

Instructor Provisioning

CAE recruits training experts, often retired military personnel, to deliver training in-house or at our customer’s site. Our instructors have all the requisite skills and knowledge to deliver highly effective training programs that maximizes learner’s retention. Our instructors deliver across the range of training disciplines, from ab-initio to advanced training in the classroom, simulator or live platform. We offer instructor provisioning and mentoring so your highly trained, mission ready personnel can be operationally available instead of being assigned to temporary training duties. This results in more efficient training delivery while freeing up military personnel for operations.

Training Centre Facility Management

Through CAE's global network of defence, civil aviation and helicopter training centres, we train more than 220,000 crewmembers yearly. As a leading training systems integrator, CAE is a company with the experience, expertise, knowledge, suite of simulation products, and services to provide defence and security forces turnkey training centre solutions.

Obsolescence Management and Technology Insertion

CAE has the expertise to develop, integrate, maintain and operate complex systems in support of our customers, with a focus on providing improved operational efficiency of mission critical systems. CAE is a world leader in lifecycle management, in-service equipment monitoring and maintenance optimization. We can ensure there is a plan in place for when parts, systems, software, or spares become obsolete so they can be replaced with the latest release.


CAE provides consulting services to help customers design systems by integrating human factors (HF) and ergonomics into the systems engineering process to ensure optimal human-system interaction. Under the consulting umbrella, we support the planning and acquisition efforts of capability acquisition through the capability engineering system. Bolstered by our highly experienced program management office, CAE also offers program management services for managing your projects from planning to delivery.

Training System Updates

CAE offers Training System Updates to existing military customers in the form of products and services.  These updates can help enhance the capability and availability of the training system, and aid in prolonging the useful life of training equipment.