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CAE provides user-centred, simulation-based analysis support to capability and operational planning, acquisition cycle, systems engineering programs, and design and development teams. The analysis that we conduct follows documented methodologies that engage the full range of stakeholders and investigate the impact of alternative concepts, designs, requirements, and decisions on human/system performance, training, and personnel.

The findings can be modelled within a synthetic environment to test and evaluate design alternatives, including virtual representations, prototypes, or final built systems. These performance metrics and synthetic environments support the entire development cycle and ensure requirements are being met and addressed before acquiring a system or before it goes to production.

Simulation is a cornerstone to our experimentation approach. Using live, virtual, and constructive simulation environments, CAE’s team designs and conducts user-centered experiments to study new concepts and designs, predict human task performance and workload, and investigate human-system performance at the individual and team levels through human-in-the-loop studies. Experimentations are conducted to help customers make timely decisions, increase savings and ensure the systems meet their needs.