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The CAE Blue Boxer Extended Reality (BBXR) deployable flight training system, originally developed by Link and now part of CAE’s suite of simulation-based training systems, is a high-fidelity training device in a condensed form factor. Engineered from inception as a low-cost, low footprint training system, the CAE BBXR is designed to help customers achieve training objectives more effectively and efficiently. When paired with CAE’s patented Adaptive Learning Engine (ALE), the BBXR provides an “always on” assessment capability of pilot performance across a wide range of military aviation training. 

Features of the CAE Blue Boxer Extended Reality (BBXR) deployable, high-fidelity training system

The training suite unifies the functionality of physical and virtual aircraft equipment allowing high-fidelity skill-set training from individual to unit tasks or mission rehearsal in a simulated environment. Key features and benefits include:

  • Deployable to austere environments, increasing accessibility and training opportunities;
  • Mixed Reality approach maintains tactile interaction within the cockpit for realism;
  • Operational Flight Program (actual or emulated) ensures fidelity of representation;
  • Expandable for joint networked training anywhere, anytime;
  • Optimized student and instructor coaching through real-time, immediate feedback;
  • Biometric analysis provides more holistic representation of pilot performance.

CAE Blue Boxer Extended Reality (BBXR) deployable flight training system