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CAE has designed and developed the CAE Predator Mission Trainer for General Atomics MQ-1 and MQ-9 class of remotely piloted aircraft (RPA). The high-fidelity, “zero flight time” PMT is a first-of-its-kind and is certified to Level D, the highest qualification for flight simulators. CAE’s PMT offers “zero flight time” training due to the high-fidelity simulation of both the flight model and sensor systems enabling pilots and sensor operators to transition to flight operations without additional training on actual aircraft, preserving critical operational assets.

CAE’s Predator Mission Trainer features include:

  • Pilot and sensor operator stations
  • Instructor/operator station
  • High-fidelity flight and systems simulation models
    • Weather and environmental elements, including space and cyber
    • Engines and performance modeling
    • Avionics and flight controls
    • Mission computer
    • Digital flight control system (DFCS) aerodynamics
    • Aircraft and datalink systems
    • Computer generated forces (CGF)
  • Full-size host with multiple image generators and servers
  • Advanced synthetic environment based on the latest Open Geospatial Consortium Common Database (OGC CDB) standard ensuring rapid database update capabilities
  • Adaptable for ground control station portability

The CAE-built Predator Mission Trainer is in-use at GA-ASI’s Flight Test and Training Center (FTTC) located at the Grand Sky Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Business Park near Grand Forks, North Dakota. GA-ASI offers a range of pilot and sensor operator training at the FTTC for operators of GA-ASI’s family of RPA systems. This synthetic training environment, with its ‘’zero-flight time’’ capability, will be used to train customer aircrews as well as their own instructors.

Program examples

Italian Air Force

CAE developed the world’s highest-fidelity, “zero-flight time” Predator Mission Trainer for the Italian Air Force. CAE teamed with the Italian Air Force and General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. to conduct flight test and data gathering on an actual Italian Air Force Predator aircraft to ensure the highest fidelity simulation of flight systems and sensor payloads. The high-fidelity Predator Mission Trainer enables pilots and sensor operators to make a rapid transition to flight operations without additional training on the actual aircraft.

Royal Air Force

CAE is currently developing a comprehensive synthetic training system for the United Kingdom’s Protector RG Mk1 remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS) program. The Protector is the UK-specific variant of GA-ASI’s certifiable MQ-9B SkyGuardian RPAS, which can meet the most stringent certification requirements of aviation authorities.

UAE Air Force

CAE is the prime contractor responsible for delivering all RPA-type conversion and mission training for the UAE Air Force. CAE has developed the courseware and curriculum specific to the RQ-1E Predator Medium Altitude Long-Endurance (MALE) RPA and the ground- based training system that includes desktop trainers and high-fidelity RQ-1E mission trainers. CAE instructors are also delivering the classroom, live-flying, and simulator training.

CAE Remotely Piloted Aircraft Training

CAE Remotely Piloted Aircraft Training