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CAE’s maintenance training systems apply blended media techniques to create an immersive and adaptive learning environment for producing highly qualified technicians. Across a range of domains and platforms, CAE translates virtual learning directly to the physical world, taking maintenance trainees from the classroom to the field faster and more cost effectively—and once there, keeping them proficient and productive.

CAE Simfinity™ Virtual Maintenance Trainer

CAE’s Virtual Maintenance Trainer (VMT) integrates theory with practical skills and delivers a high-fidelity immersive simulation of aircraft systems.  A laptop / desktop training system, CAE’s VMT provides a learning environment for aircraft maintenance technicians to gain practical experience of aircraft systems and maintenance tasks.   Web-access to the simulation software allows training anytime and anywhere for review, refresher, and recurrent training.

Hardware-based Maintenance Trainers

CAE’s hardware-based part-task trainers (PTTs) allow maintenance trainees to perform hands-on maintenance diagnostics and testing without having to train on the actual aircraft or ground combat vehicle. When coupled with CAE’s Virtual Maintenance Trainer (VMT), maintenance technicians can accomplish up to 100 percent of their maintenance training prior to working on the actual platform.  With this blended approach to virtual and hands-on maintenance training, hundreds of maintenance tasks can be performed enabling maintenance technicians to be well-prepared when they maintain and support an actual aircraft or ground combat fleet.

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B-2 Maintenance Training

The U.S. Air Force B-2 maintainers use a suite of computerized maintenance training systems devices to master correct operational check, fault isolation and corrective action procedures related to the B-2’s glass cockpit displays. Currently, more than 50 maintenance training devices are in use by maintainers, pilots, and weapon-load technicians to develop off-aircraft expertise in the diagnosis and repair of aircraft systems and weapons loading.

F-16 Maintenance Training

Our F-16 maintenance training solutions create a robust blended high-fidelity physical and virtual learning environment to build individual and team maintenance technician competence. CAE virtualizes the F-16 aircraft and integrates it with all technical manuals and establishes courseware to provide a fully immersive training environment.

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Maintenance Training

Because they are remotely operated with no crew on board, remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) are uniquely dependent upon consistent, well-executed maintenance to ensure optimum operational reliability and mission performance. Our RPA maintenance training offering blends the virtual and physical worlds into an efficient schoolhouse solution for military and civilian customers.

Tank/AFV Maintenance Trainers

Through the acquisition of RTI International’s Technology Assisted Learning (TAL) business unit in 2011, CAE significantly expanded its land simulation and training offering, specifically for ground combat maintenance training systems.  For over 20 years, this business has provided maintenance trainers for the U.S. Army's ground vehicles and battlefield systems, including the Abrams main battle tank, High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) and Bradley infantry fighting vehicle. CAE designs, manufactures and delivers full-scale, high-fidelity maintenance trainers, and fully instrumented hands-on trainers (HOTs) as well as virtual desktop trainers for a wide range of modern armoured fighting vehicles, rocket systems, and other battlefield systems. In early 2018, CAE was awarded a U.S. Army contract to develop two new Abrams tank driver stations with live-engine maintenance trainers to support diagnostic and troubleshooting maintenance training tasks. In 2019 the first Abrams M1A2 engine maintenance trainer was delivered to the U.S. Army’s Armor School at Fort Benning, Georgia. That same year the U.S. Army also exercised contract options for five additional Abrams M1A2 engine maintenance trainers to be delivered to Fort Benning.

CAE's Virtual Maintenance Trainer (VMT)

CAE's Virtual Maintenance Trainer (VMT)

Maintenance training for ground combat systems