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Airline Pilot Training

We offer a wide range of training courses for airline pilots. Whether you are looking to enhance your qualifications with a Type Rating course, or need to enroll in a Skills Test class, CAE has a solution for your pilot training needs.

For information about becoming a pilot with CAE, please visit the become a pilot page.

Airline Pilot Training, photo on CAE

Available Aircraft Platforms for Training

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Pilot Training

CAE Commercial Training eLearning
Whether you’re an individual looking for flexibility or an organization looking to maximise its training budget by empowering your team to train from the...
Type Rating training course
CAE offers pilots one of the industry’s most advanced and comprehensive type rating training programs. Our programs combine innovative methodologies, knowledgeable instructors and advanced...
Flight Instructor Rating (FIR)
Flight Instructor Rating (FIR) is required to be held by Commercial Pilot Licence holders to be employed as a Flight Instructor for the purpose of...
SFI/TRI Rating - Europe
CAE’s instructor rating course will train you to become an approved SFI/TRI instructor according to State of License Issued.
737NG Type Rating training course - India
CAE offers pilots one of the industry’s most advanced and comprehensive type rating training programs.
Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certification Training Program (CTP)  Course
In accordance with Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) Part 61 § 61.156, this course has been developed by CAE to deliver an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certification...
CAE Professional Pilot Program
Are you looking to maintain and further develop your technical and non-technical pilot skills as you prepare to return to flight operations?
Flydubai Boeing 737NG Type Rating
Are you a future flydubai pilot? Emirates - CAE Flight training (ECFT), together with flydubai, are looking for commercial pilots interested in having an opportunity...
Refresher & LPC Training
CAE's refresher and License Proficiency Check (LPC) courses will allow you to revalidate your license and make sure your skills and knowledge meet the highest...
Assessment preparation
CAE's Assessment Preparation course is designed to prepare you with the skills and confidence for future assessments. The Assessment Preparation course is delivered on our...