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Programme Type
Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)


CAE’s Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) programmes take students with little or no previous flying experience and prepares them for a career at an airline right after graduation.

Course Outline

Phase 1: Theoretical Knowledge Training

  • Learn everything about ATPL related theory in 14 subjects
  • Includes the new Knowledge Skills and Attitude (KSA) training
  • Blended learning approach with both virtual and practical lessons  
  • Approximately 43 weeks 
  • Location: CAE London Gatwick, UK

Phase 2: Single Engine Flight Training

  • Learn how to fly solo in a single-engine piston aircraft
  • Perform your Commercial Pilot License (CPL) Skill Test
  • Aircraft and simulator training
  • Approximately 36 weeks 
  • Location: Fair weather flying location 

Phase 3: Multi engine Flight Training

  • Learn how to fly using instruments on a multi-engine piston aircraft
  • Perform your Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (MEIR) Skill Test
  • Aircraft and simulator training
  • Advanced Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (A-UPRT)
  • Approximately 10 weeks 
  • Location: Oxford, UK; Antwerp, Belgium; or European Flying Location

Phase 4:  Airline Pilot Standards Multi Crew Cooperation (APS MCC)

  • Learn how to fly as a member of a professional airline cockpit crew
  • Obtain your Airline Pilot Standards Multi Crew Cooperation (APS MCC)
  • Classroom and Flight Simulator Training
  • Approximately 4 weeks
  • Location: London Gatwick, UK
Investment & Funding
Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License – London Gatwick £ 95,700

What’s included?

  • Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (A-UPRT) 
  • Uniform, flight bag, headset loan
  • Examination costs for the CPL MEIR skills tests, all official exams and needed official documents 
  • Access to CAE Crew Training and ATPL Theoretical Knowledge digital Courseware materials
  • Applicable visa and aviation medical if training outside Europe or the UK
  • Accommodation during phase 2
  • Return flight to fair weather flying location
  • First Officer Quality Assurance
  • CAE's unique Graduate Aftercare programme

What’s not included?

  • Accommodation & daily transport during Phases 1, 3 and 4
  • Living expenses such as meals, travel and entertainment 
  • Medical exam for UKCAA and EASA Class 1 Medical – approximately £700 
  • Selection testing - approximately £100 per each stage
  • Travel and loss of medical insurance

Option to add on:

Buckinghamshire New University Degree in Airline Transport Management 

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Eligibility Requirements
  • Must be at least 18 years of age at start of program
  • Must have successfully completed secondary education
  • Proficient in the English language (verbal and written)
  • Must be able to obtain a UKCAA or EASA Class 1 Medical 

Stage 1: Online Application

CAE will review all candidate applications to assess whether they successfully meet the criteria for the Integrated ATPL Programme. Successful candidates through this stage will be invited to complete an assessment with CAE.

Stage 2: ADAPT Test

Applicants who successfully pass the first stage of the selection process screening will be invited to attend the next stage of the CAE assessment, which will take place virtually or at CAE locations across Europe.

The assessment will cover:

  • Personality Questionnaire – typical behavioural preferences and tendencies
  • Progressive Mathematics – applied understanding of key, relevant mathematical concepts
  • Progressive Physics – applied understanding of key, relevant physics concepts
  • Cognitive – key cognitive aptitudes, abilities and reasoning skills
  • FAST – learning potential and multi-tasking under pressure

Stage 3: Personal Interview

Your personal interview will be your opportunity to share with us the reasons you want to be a Commercial Airline Pilot, your understanding of the course and the level of commitment required to be successful in this demanding programme. It is also your opportunity to share with us your understanding of the airline industry and your vision of your future within it. Please try to prepare some examples of your team and leadership experience; these can be drawn from school or college or from outside interests and work-related experiences.

On successfully reaching the required standards, you will then be offered a position on the Integrated ATPL Programme. 

Stage 2: £100*

Stage 3: £100*

*You may also be required to pass a Versant English test dependant on your nationality 

**Bookingbug will convert price to your local currency upon check out

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