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Transforming the way maritime customers prepare for mission and operations

CAE is a high technology company offering comprehensive solutions that include training and simulation, mission and operations support, and analytics and systems engineering for maritime customers around the world.

Individual Training

CAE’s customized training programs and training systems are designed to help learners acquire the critical skills and knowledge they need to do their job. Students can learn and practice in a safe environment, preparing them for the next step of collective training as a member of a team.

During the individual training phase, students learn procedures and tasks using state-of-the-art training media that can include mobile apps, digital courseware and virtual, augmented and mixed reality (VR/AR/MR) for a visually immersive experience. The student then progresses through the training continuum onto simulators or trainers replicating the actual system or sub-system they will operate or maintain.

CAE’s training solutions can be integrated into a comprehensive learning ecosystem to provide performance assessment, data analytics and predictive analysis necessary for continuous improvement and closed-loop training.

Collective Training

Collective training prepares the crew for operations as a team by practicing in a digitally immersive environment the skills they will need at sea.  Skills developed using CAE’s training systems include communication, teamwork and technical.  As the crew members practice in a safe environment and are becoming familiar with each other’s roles, responsibilities and ship systems, they attain the level of proficiency and readiness required to perform their duty as part of a highly performing ship crew. CAE’s reconfigurable training systems can be networked to support distributed training for increased flexibility.

Team training includes collective training for the entire ship, including:

  • Bridge Team
  • Combat Information Centre / Operations Room
  • Machinery Control
  • Damage Control / Section Base Teams

CAE’s integrated training solutions also enable the collective training and mission rehearsal of multiple units as a task group, including air, surface and subsurface fleet.  The entire task group can be as part of an integrated live-virtual-constructive (LVC) training environment and as part of joint operational exercises with other services and allied forces.

CAE is ready to guide the development of customized training supporting the introduction of new capabilities for individuals, teams and other special missions, such as:

  • Replenishment at sea
  • Launch and recovery of boats
  • Flight deck operations
  • Damage control
  • UAV / USV launch, recovery, and operations
  • Ship familiarization

Science of Learning Ecosystem

CAE is continually innovating in the area of the science of learning. Traditional teaching and learning methodologies alone are no longer sufficient to train today’s digitally-enabled learners. While new approaches to learning and advances in training technology are key enablers of this  paradigm shift in training, the net output of any integrated training system must still be a fully qualified, engaged, and capable military workforce ready to take on its role within their respective crew.

CAE’s innovative training tools, technologies, and processes can help build a resilient and operationally ready workforce. Among these, CAE’s closed-loop training, which matches technology enabled training with the potential of real time learning/performance analytics, ensures efficiencies and benefits across the entire training continuum.

During closed-loop training, software and hardware automatically measure student’s responses and performance against required standards. Common performance-based metrics are captured regardless of the physical location where necessary tasks, sub-tasks, or task elements are performed. The system customizes training material in real time to maximize its effectiveness for the individual trainee, focusing their time and attention where responses are weak. A data repository system stores all results, facilitating prompt feedback to trainees, instructors, and other stakeholders through appropriate hardware and software analytics. Analysis of trends back to training designers results in continuous improvement of training.

CAE’s role as a training systems integrator for maritime customers

As a training systems integrator (TSI), CAE has access to a worldwide network of industry partners to deliver a holistic and comprehensive training system for our maritime customers.  CAE designs fully equipped training centres including training programs, delivery of instruction and provision of qualified instructors, courseware, computer-based and classroom-based training, part-task and crew training systems, and integrated learning ecosystems. CAE can also provide facility management and operations. This means our customers can focus on employing their personnel to perform critical operational roles and missions.

CAE’s modern training solutions provide students and maritime personnel an ecosystem where they can train ashore rather than at sea for most of their ab-initio, qualification and currency training. By transferring to shore training that is traditionally done at sea, units can be used more efficiently to perform exercises and operations. It will also enhance operational security when developing and training advanced and/or experimental tactics, techniques and procedures, particularly among multiple units or within a task group or task force by denying outside observation, a risk with live training at sea.

As a training systems integration provider, CAE has all the requisite skills and experience to provide immersive mission and operational training for all vessel-types, systems and sub-systems that can be networked for distributed mission operations and training. 

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