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CAE's Board of Directors and management team take pride in maintaining the highest standards in corporate governance, allowing us to thrive for over 75 years. CAE's corporate governance is rooted in the basic principle that proper and ethical practices lead to the creation and preservation of shareholder value. Shareholders are encouraged to view the material below for a detailed view of CAE's corporate governance structure.

Board and Committee Charters

Position descriptions

Ethics and business integrity

Business integrity is a central priority at CAE. Adhering to the highest ethical standard is essential to building stakeholder trust, goodwill and value in today’s world. CAE expect its employees and business partners to consistently meet these high standards. Consequently, CAE developed a set of policies and processes to ensure compliance and solid ethical practices.

Code of Business Conduct

The CAE Code of Business Conduct outlines CAE's minimum position and expectations regarding appropriate corporate and individual conduct. The Code is intended to provide general guidance as to acceptable behaviour. It is intended to supplement and not to supersede existing corporate policies, company standard practices or additional legal requirements related to specific business activities. This Code outlines the standards that must be respected by CAE, its directors, its employees as well as those individuals or organizations working on CAE's behalf and sets the tone for appropriate conduct. It does not address every situation or potential issue and relies upon each individual to use his or her common sense in an honest and conscientious manner. We also developed an anti-corruption policy as an additional anti-corruption measures.

Code of Business Conduct in other languages:

Ethics tools and anti-corruption policy

Our third-party anonymous reporting system, called EthicsPoint, helps us ensure that our local and international business activities meet the highest ethical standards. A website and call centre service provides employees, customers, partners and suppliers with a simple, risk-free way to confidentially report activities that may involve criminal conduct or violations of our policies and Code of Business Conduct. Our Whistleblowing policy protects good-faith whistleblowers from retaliation.

We strongly encourage our employees and any party we conduct business with to come forward if they notice any misconduct. This enables us to deter noncompliance and reduce our exposure to unethical behaviour. We ensure all reports are rapidly and confidentially handled as required by law. All EthicsPoint inquiries are reported to the Board on a quarterly basis.

Sustainable development

The principles of sustainable development drive CAE management’s decisions and actions. CAE has developed a complete set of policies, principles and processes to ensure that we are a model corporate citizen and that we generate positive economic, social and environmental benefits globally.

CAE’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee, chaired by a member of the executive management committee, oversees the identification, management and reporting of our most material sustainability-related topics through a framework designed along the following axes:

  • Environment
  • Social
  • Governance

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