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Crew Management

How quickly can you – and your crew – adapt?
“Do I have enough crew to satisfy my demand?” is probably the pivotal question for resource planners. Being in a heavily regulated, highly competitive, and ultra-visible industry with incredibly tight margins, details matter. Pilots and cabin crew must be optimized to balance performance, cost, compliance, and employee satisfaction.
CAE’s Crew Management is a robust solution for the complex world of aviation crew management. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) power this resource planning tool to optimize schedules, forecast crew resources, maintain safety standards, and recover from disruptions faster – and easier – than ever before. Imagine making resource decisions quickly and pushing changes in real-time. Now you can.
Ready to experience an end-to-end crew management ecosystem?
Why choose CAE’s Crew Management Solution

Balance cost, ensure compliance, and maximize crew utilization 

Optimize crew management process with AI & ML powered holistic tools 

Maintain complete situational awareness throughout the crew management lifecycle

Improve satisfaction by enabling crew with self-service tools 

Your one-stop-shop for resource planning

Crew Planner

Build superior crew rosters with CAE Crew Planner. The pairing optimizer helps your airline reduce crew costs while improving the quality of life for your crew members. Plus, the roster optimizer feature improves crew utilization, ensures the appropriate distribution of duties, and reduces manual efforts while ensuring compliance with regulatory and company rules.  

Power decision-making and resource management with more efficient crew pairings and schedules. 

Crew Manager

CAE’s Crew Manager is a unified, powerful workspace to manage crew operations, especially in times of turmoil. Recover from crew IROPS situation efficiently using our powerful crew recovery engine. This one-step solution will fix broken pairing and re-assign flights accordingly. Plus, you can generate simulated plans based on forecasted disruption or cancellation packages to further prepare for change.    

Simplify workflows to increase efficiency and use intelligent recovery engine to get crew members back to plan faster after disruptions.

Crew Manager Training Solution

Maintain safety standards by efficiently managing and delivering crew training. CAE’s Crew Management Training is a flexible and configurable solution that enables you to optimally schedule and track all aspects of crew training. This encompasses ground training, flight training & recencies, simulators, and external training.  

Advanced training management solution to optimize, schedule, and track crew training and qualifications. 

Crew Access

Keep your crew in sync with CAE’s Crew Access. Available on any mobile device, this app empowers your pilots and cabin crew with real-time cloud-enabled information about their roster schedule. The chat feature enables better communication and alignment among the team while facilitating their work-life balance.  

An agile, self-service tool to empower crew members with real-time information anytime, anywhere.  

Crew Engagement

Our fully integrated award-winning solutions simplify the experience of your crews, on and off the runway.

With over 400,000 users globally and over 500 airlines currently supported, the RosterBuster crew app allows crew members to connect to their airline operations, communicate among crew, sync and share their busy schedule, and manage life beyond the airport with ease, for better work-life balance.

Innovative, powerful and reliable, RB Logbook lets crew log their flights faster than ever before, on the device of their choice.

Enhance crew experience with holistic digital solutions that help crew members manage their busy day-to-day lives on the go.

Change will happen, let CAE help you adapt quicker.