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What we do

CAE is a global leader in training and simulation and offers a range of services and solutions for analytics and systems engineering as well as mission and operations support.

For more than 75 years, CAE has been well-known as one of the world’s leading providers of training and simulation solutions.  We offer a comprehensive portfolio of products, services and solutions designed to train and prepare defense and security professionals for mission success.  As defense and security forces increasingly need to train in a multi-domain environment using synthetic environments, the demand for CAE’s digitally immersive solutions will become even more critical.

Our acquisition of L3Harris’ Military Training business, which included the iconic Link Simulation & Training as well as Doss Aviation, enhanced our position as the world’s leading pure play, platform independent training and simulation company serving the global defense market.  Importantly, this acquisition has served to broaden CAE’s ability to provide training and operational support solutions across multi-domain operations by diversifying our leadership in the air domain, complementing land and naval solutions, and enhancing our capabilities in space and cyber.

Beyond training, we are applying our experience and expertise to adjacent markets such as analytics and systems engineering and mission and operations support.  In these market segments, CAE’s core capabilities and digital technologies, including immersive synthetic environments and data-driven solutions, can be applied to planning, analysis and decision support. 

Support the training of more than 25,000 aircrew annually
World’s largest provider of military simulators with installed base of more than 1,000
Mission and operations support for customers including USSOCOM and UK Strategic Command
Analytics and systems engineering

Today’s defense and security forces around the world are shifting their strategy to focus on near-peer threats. This requires rapid digital technologies, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, synthetic environments, and virtual worlds to maintain power advantage, and no other company is better positioned than CAE to assist in preparation for missions.

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Training and simulation have been and will always be in CAE’s DNA.  We offer our customers a comprehensive range of innovative training solutions, ranging from digital learning environments and mixed reality capabilities to integrated live, virtual, and constructive training in a secure networked environment.  As a platform-agnostic training systems integrator, we provide our solutions across multi-domain operations – air, land, maritime, space and cyber.

Mission and Operations Support (M&OS)

Today’s defense forces are shifting their training and operational focus from asymmetric warfare to near peer threats. This requires their existing, often ad-hoc or platform-centric C5ISR architectures to adapt to the pace of the modern battlespace.

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