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At CAE, we equip people in critical roles with the expertise and solutions to create a safer world. As a technology company, we digitalize the physical world, deploying simulation training and critical operations support solutions. Above all else, we empower pilots, airlines, defence and security forces to perform at their best every day and when the stakes are the highest. Around the globe, we’re everywhere customers need us to be with more than 13,000 employees in approximately 250 sites and training locations in over 40 countries.

CAE represents more than 75 years of industry firsts—the highest-fidelity flight, mission simulators and training programs powered by digital technologies. We embed sustainability in everything we do. Today and tomorrow, we’ll make sure our customers are ready for the moments that matter.

CAE's four strategic pillars

There are four fundamental pillars that underpin our strategy and investment thesis:

  • Efficient growth;
  • Revolutionizing training and critical operations;
  • Technology and market leadership;
  • Skills and culture.


Efficient growth

Our business features a high degree of recurring revenues due to the underlying characteristics of our technology-enabled and software-based solutions as well as regulatory requirements across our markets. We seek to maximize the benefits of our strong competitive position to deliver premium growth and improving profitability through a focus on operational rigour, cost optimization, capital efficiency, and a disciplined approach to pursuing both organic and inorganic growth.


Revolutionizing training and critical operations

We are a global thought leader in the application of training, digital immersion, critical operations, and modelling and simulation technologies. We seek to use data-driven applications and advanced analytics to produce measurable and demonstrated outcomes in our markets. The efficacy of our technology solutions enables customized, collaborative, and multi-domain offerings. Furthermore, our technologies are deployed with a focus on driving sustainability.


Technology and market leadership

We have a rich and long-dated history of innovation and delivering state-of-the-art technology solutions that define the forefront of the industries we operate in. As a result, we constantly seek new ways to enhance the performance of our customers by fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. This drives technology leadership, deeper customer partnerships, and new customer development, enabling us to capitalize on the ample headroom in our large, growing addressable markets.


Skills and culture

Our core values are innovation, integrity, empowerment, and excellence. We employ these values across a diverse global team to drive a unique social impact. We seek to create an employee experience and environment that values teamwork, professional growth, and engagement. As a result, our employees across the globe share a passion to prepare our customers for the moments that matter.

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Financial Reports
Investor Q&As
Q. Where are CAE shares traded and what is the company ticker symbol?

Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX): under the ticker symbol "CAE"
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE): under the ticker symbol "CAE"

Q. Who are your auditors?

PricewaterhouseCoopers, Chartered Accountants.

Q. How do I submit a request to change my address and other information?

Please contact CAE's transfer agent, Computershare or your broker:

Tel: 1-800-564-6253 (North America) | 1-514-982-7555 (International)

Obtaining CAE's annual and quarterly financial reports:

To obtain a hardcopy send an email to: [email protected].

Many of our documents and public filings can be downloaded in PDF format above and are also archived at: and at

Q. What is CAE's stock split history?
  • June 1963 Stock Split 3 for 1
  • July 5, 1965 Stock Split 3 for 2
  • July 4, 1979 Stock Split 3 for 1
  • July 6, 1981 Stock Split 3 for 1
  • July 3, 1984 Stock Split 2 for 1
  • July 3, 1986 Stock Split 2 for 1
  • July 9, 2001 Stock Split 2 for 1
Q. Can I buy stock directly from CAE?

CAE shares may be purchased through a security broker. The company does not offer a direct purchase program.

Q. What was CAE Inc. stock price on Valuation Day December 22nd 1971?

On V-Day December 22nd 1971, CAE Inc. stock value was $4.65 CAD.

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Computershare Trust Company of Canada 

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