This program is for individuals with the unrestricted right to live and work in the United States

This program is for individuals with the unrestricted right to live and work in the United States


CAE is JetBlue’s training partner of choice for the JetBlue’s Gateway Select cadet program. CAE delivers Gateway Select's training curriculum, leveraging CAE's experience in delivering competency-based training programs to airlines throughout the world.

About the program

Gateway Select is an innovative talent pathway for those seeking to become pilots at JetBlue. This particular Gateway Program will allow an applicant, if successful, to learn with us from the beginning and become a JetBlue pilot after completing a rigorous training program.

This unique, accessible and cost-effective JetBlue Pilot Gateway Program will take a more competency-based approach to becoming a professional pilot. The Program will optimize the training of prospective airline pilots by offering early exposure to multi-crew/multi-engine operations, full-motion simulator training, crew resource management, and threat and error management. Once meeting all program requirements, including the FAA's 1,500 flight-hour requirement, pilots will become a new hire at JetBlue. At that time, graduates will go through the same orientation and six-week instruction that all E190 first officers complete.

Through the intensive four-year program, pilot trainees will complete a series of training phases, with constant guidance and mentorship from JetBlue, to build the skills and experience required of a pilot for a major airline:

  • Trainees will begin at JetBlue University in Orlando for four weeks with the fundamentals of aviation.
  • Trainees will continue to CAE's flight academy in Phoenix for 30 weeks to develop core flying skills. Upon completion, candidates will receive their private pilot's license.
  • Trainees will then return to JetBlue University for training on highly complex transport category aircraft, concluding with the completion of the Airline Transport Pilot - Certification Training Program (ATP-CTP). Training will include the safe and efficient operation of the Embraer 190 (E190).
  • Next, trainees will return to CAE in Phoenix for 12 weeks of additional FAA licensing requirements. Trainees will then attend an instructor course to achieve their CFI (certified flight instructor) qualifications and ratings. Upon completion, trainees will then begin working as entry-level salaried instructors for CAE's flight academy while accumulating flight hours to achieve the FAA's 1,500 flight-hour requirement.

Once meeting the FAA and Gateway Select requirements, pilots will become a new hire at JetBlue, where they complete the same orientation and six-week instruction that all E190 first officers complete

Trainees will receive a contingent job offer at the beginning of the program, guaranteeing them a position with JetBlue if they complete all elements of the program successfully. Trainees will also have an opportunity to earn a competitive salary while working as entry-level flight instructors with CAE.

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