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Our goal

Provide the best products and services in the industry by continually improving the quality, efficiency and safety of our customers’ training experience

Our objectives
Elevate the CAE customer journey with a seamless training experience and delight at every interaction
  • Implement our digital strategy to enhance our customer experience and leverage the latest learning technologies
  • By FY23, provide training to employees on our digital strategy
  • Continue to differentiate our suite of core simulation products by achieving 95% or more on our quality and schedule performance metrics
Be a thought leader on the evolution of safety practices in the aviation and healthcare sectors
  • Continue to invest significant amounts in research and development every year
  • Design and deliver quality and sustainable next-generation training products and services
  • Innovate to provide remote services and solutions to our customers
  • In FY21, certify and deliver the CAE Air1 ventilator to the Canadian government
  • Partner with a least one important society/regulatory body in new product development
  • Participate in at least one research program demonstrating the effectiveness of simulation in healthcare training
  • Bolster cross-segment collaboration to leverage innovation and engineering assets
  • In FY21, launch the Genèse 2 program and accelerate development of state-of-the-art healthcare simulation products and technologies

Innovation is in our DNA

At CAE, our technological leadership is underpinned by our strong innovation culture, longstanding commitment to R&D and sustainability mindset. 

Our advanced technologies and products emerge out of our deep-rooted R&D and innovation ecosystem and processes.

Our annual Innovation Challenges initiative is part of this ecosystem. It leverages employees’ creativity to spark winning ideas that often evolve into concrete improvements and new products.

Our customers are our partners

With 75 years of breakthrough innovations, our R&D has paved the way for leading-edge flight simulators, training systems integration (TSI) solutions and high-fidelity patient simulators. Our partnerships with industry organizations, regulatory bodies, suppliers and customers help us remain at the forefront of new safety, operating efficiency and environmental standards and processes.

Designing for safety and the environment

Our Global Engineering department designs our simulator technologies and training materials to improve resource efficiency, eliminate hazardous materials and increase our customers’ energy efficiency. We follow numerous standards throughout the life-cycle of our products, from the design and manufacturing stages to the end-of-life phase. 

Paying tribute to our inventors

We operate in an industry where securing intellectual property (IP) is vital to protecting our innovations in an increasingly competitive market. Our interactive Patent Wall at our Montreal head office showcases our inventors over the past seven decades and underscores the pivotal role innovation plays at CAE.  Our Patent Wall is a testament to our employees’ ingenuity, determination and passion.

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