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Our objectives
Reduce our environmental footprint across our operations
  • Become carbon neutral by end of Summer 2020
  • Reduce our emissions with green energy initiatives
  • Implement at least one paperless initiative in each of our sites
  • By FY21, conduct or update energy and waste audits*
  • By FY22, source 75% of the electricity consumption of our European sites through renewable energy*
  • By FY23, install LED or energy efficient lights*

* At all CAE sites where we have operational control of the building or control on energy sourcing

Support the communities where we operate through our global community investment program


  • In FY20, expand and promote the Canadian scholarship program to cover technicians, people wanting to become pilots, and students willing to be ambassadors to promote Work Integrated Learning in Canadian aerospace companies
  • By FY21, launch a diversity scholarship program to allow women, Indigenous Peoples, persons with disabilities and visible minority individuals to complete their studies and better access positions with a greater representation gap
  • By FY23, collaborate with over 50 post-secondary institutions and research centres


  • Better promote the CAE scholarships offered globally
  • Develop a volunteering program for our employees
  • By FY24, spend at least 40% of our donations and sponsorships budget on education

CAE is carbon neutral

CAE reached its carbon neutrality commitment on September 28, 2020, becoming the first Canadian aerospace company to reach this goal. Our strategy is organized into three phases targeting three ways to reduce our carbon footprint: consume less, consume better, offset carbon emissions.

During the last year, we became carbon neutral by purchasing renewable energy certificates (RECs) in the countries where we operate to offset our use of electricity and investing in greenhouse gas reduction projects (carbon offsets), including wind energy projects in India and forest conservation in Canada.

Our long-term strategy is to determine how we can reduce at the source, through initiatives in partnership with our industry.

Tracking our progress on climate-related issues

We believe that reporting practices bring discipline and accountability that enhance CAE’s ability to manage our key business issues and execute our strategy, which led us to implement TCFD disclosure recommendations as part of our reporting practices in 2020.


At CAE, education is a big part of who we are and getting young people fired up about science and encouraging them to explore rewarding careers in STEM is a mission we strongly believe in championing.

Every year, we participate in events promoting STEM careers and digital literacy in our communities in addition to sharing our know-how, which occasionally involves visits to our facilities.

As an advocate for work-integrated learning opportunities, offers many co-op and student positions worldwide. Our work-integrated learning program CAE Tech also offers the opportunity to future technicians from various fields in participating Canadian institutions to start a career at CAE with internships, grants and other opportunities.

We also collaborate with various postsecondary entities and participate in scholarship programs to recognize students in our core areas of expertise and facilitate access to education in our communities.

Supporting local economies & communities

Through our presence in more than 35 countries around the world, we’re helping create economic growth by delivering goods to our customers, jobs for our employees, payments to our suppliers, investments in communities and value to our investors.

Investing in communities and local economies is also key to building a reputation for being a neighbour of choice everywhere we operate. It also helps strengthen employee engagement across CAE. This includes university scholarships, charity events, technology competitions for young people, award-winning fundraising campaigns for humanitarian organizations where CAE operates and where employees live and work.


At CAE, many employees are committed to causes that are dear to their hearts. Our CAEvolunteering program aims to support employees and the various causes they cherish to help them make an even greater positive impact. The program has three components: ‘Volunteer of the year awards’, ‘Dollars for your cause’ and ‘Team volunteering’. By volunteering their time and skills, CAE employees make a significant difference in other people’s lives.