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Flight Operations Solutions

Advanced Air Mobility

Elevate your flight operations and prepare for the future of air mobility

As Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) aircraft prepare to operate in our modern airspace, ensuring safe and efficient operations has never been more critical. With unique missions, shorter durations, and the complexities of urban environments, you need cutting-edge solutions that can keep up. CAE’s Flight Operations Solutions are flexible, configurable, scalable, and cloud-native to address your operational needs and enable end-to-end flight operations management. Designed to break down organizational silos, CAE's Flight Operations solutions provide data-driven insights, automation, and optimization specifically tailored for AAM operational environments. We empower AAM aircraft and infrastructure operators to optimize their operations, enhance safety, and effectively manage vertiport ramps. CAE's Flight Operations solutions drive efficiency in this dynamic and rapidly evolving field, we can help prepare for the future of air mobility while elevating operational performance, profitability, and passenger experience.
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