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75 years of unleashing the power of technology to lead us into the future.

CAE is celebrating its 75th anniversary with a focus on its high-technology vision for the future. Founded by Ken Patrick in 1947, the company has grown from 18 employees refurbishing radios in a hangar in St. Hubert, Quebec, to a global team of more than 13,000 in over 35 countries delivering innovative training and operations-support solutions for the civil aviation, defence and security, and healthcare sectors. For this special occasion, we have launched a new corporate video, a historical video and series of vignettes to highlight our employees, our customers and our history. Here is a sneak peek below!

JetBlue Airways
When JetBlue signed their first training agreement with CAE in 2003, the young airline had just 200 pilots and 37 aircraft in their fleet – all Airbus A320s1. Having recently commenced operations on February 11, 2000, the airline was in the process of establishing itself as a competitor in the International market. Now, more than two decades later, JetBlue flies to over 118 destinations worldwide, with an active fleet of 282 aircraft. What started as a promising new airline at the dawn of the century turned into one of North America’s largest airlines. And in those two decades of growth, CAE has been with JetBlue every step of the way.
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Humans of cae
Ayesha Tabassum

“Ayesha means life and Tabassum means smile. Together it means a happy life! Does it suit me? Definitely! I’m all life and smiles! I was born and raised in Hyderabad, India, and moved to Dubai four years ago because I always wanted to build a fruitful career and I couldn’t do so in India. I have always been passionate about aviation and studied engineering and aircraft maintenance. In India, I was working as a technical writer, writing manuals for Airbus projects. I was helping to write the manuals used by pilots which was pretty cool! In fact, there are many female engineers in India and more girls in aviation as well as engineering than you would think! I’m really proud of that.


Truth is, I badly want to become a pilot. When I moved to Dubai, I was looking into getting a scholarship from CAE for flight training and then COVID hit. I was having a hard time finding a job there and just as my visa was about to expire, I learned of an opening for an administrative role at CAE and applied. Though it was not my field – nobody knew I was an engineer - I worked hard to build my connections and learn about the company.  I then introduced myself and my background and asked to be interviewed as an instructor. The managers were really surprised by my request but gave me a chance, nonetheless.


Believe it or not, it was the toughest interview of my life! I was going to be the youngest instructor in the department, so I really had to impress them. I have to say that succeeding at that interview was the proudest moment of my life. Now, I’m connected to aviation and teaching at the same time and I’m loving it! As a maintenance instructor, I teach how to operate the plane systems. The other day I was asking myself what I love the most about CAE and I would have to say it’s the way CAE values people. I am a girl with so many dreams and I know that my managers believe in me, which is amazing! If I were to give my younger self a piece of advice, I would not give her any advice because she would never listen to me! And it’s the reason I’m here in front of you. I never listened to anyone but myself. I was always free and it’s the reason I’m here today. Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re doing great!” – Ayesha Tabassum

Ayesha Tabassum