8th & 9th November 2023


The healthcare industry in Europe is transforming how it functions, and what we are seeing now is an industry that is far more competitive and driven by value. Correspondingly, Clinical Training & Education has seen perhaps the most dramatic changes within the European healthcare sector, with Clinical training practices that are developing with the intent of taking training to the next level, ensuring a more interactive and dynamic environment. With the evolution of the clinical training landscape, there is an opportunity for clinical trainers and educators to share their learnings on adapting training courses to fit specific unmet needs.

Against this backdrop, the 8th Annual European Medical Device and Diagnostic Clinical Training and Education Conference aims to bring together the top-performing training professionals under one roof for cutting-edge training curriculums that offer key insights into training strategy processes, modelling of best practices and innovative techniques. The TT Clinical training conference will also provide attendees with live content and highly interactive sessions supported by real-life business examples, case studies, Q&A sessions, panel debates, and interactive workshops. You’ll be able to network with your peers, including leading technology innovators and service providers, while exchanging ideas with the experts in a collaborative setting.