Today, CAE leverages its presence at the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) to present senior airline executives from around the world with a preview of its first CAE Airline Pilot Demand Outlook. The 10-year view provides key insights on airline pilot needs globally. The full report will be unveiled at the 2017 Paris Airshow in two weeks.

"As the leading training organization in the world, we are very proud to introduce our first-ever CAE Airline Pilot Demand Outlook to the market, which will provide airlines with a view on the upcoming needs and development opportunities for professional pilots," said Marc Parent, CAE's Chief Executive Officer. "It is fair to say that the majority of today's pilots have been in contact with CAE at some point in their career, whether it be in one of our academies, training centres, as part of a flying assignment or in one of our full-flight simulators. As such, we deeply understand the pilot development process and our experience sourcing and training pilots for airlines from diverse regions gives us a unique position to understand these insights. We look forward to sharing our perspective here and in more details with the industry at the Paris Airshow".

The report includes an overview of the current airline pilot landscape, the drivers of airline pilot demand, a 10-year forecast by region, as well as a view on tomorrow's pilot training needs.

NOTE TO EDITORS: CAE will hold a media event to present the CAE Airline Pilot Demand Outlook at the Paris Airshow in two weeks.

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