• Executive Team

  • Marc Parent

    President and Chief Executive Officer

    Marc Parent was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of CAE in August 2009. Mr. Parent joined CAE in February 2005 as Group President, Simulation Products, responsible for the Company’s civil simulation products business as well as the design, manufacture and...

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  • Nick Leontidis

    Group President, Civil Simulation and Training

    Nick Leontidis was appointed Group President, Civil Simulation and Training, in June 2013. In this position, he leads CAE’s two civil segments – Simulation Products and Training and Services.

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  • Robert Amyot

    President, CAE Healthcare

    Dr. Robert Amyot was appointed President, CAE Healthcare in April 2014. Dr. Amyot was previously CAE Healthcare’s Vice President for Medical Programs and Chief Medical Officer, a position he held since January 2012. For two years...

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  • Andrew Arnovitz

    Vice President, Strategy and Investor Relations

    Andrew Arnovitz is Vice President, Strategy and Investor Relations and has been a company Vice President in these capacities since 2007. Mr. Arnovitz is responsible for leading CAE’s corporate strategic planning process as well as its investor relations program, and has been the company’s key interlocutor to the investment community since 2001.

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  • Bernard Cormier

    Vice President, Human Resources

    Bernard N. Cormier joined CAE as Vice President, Human Resources, in July 2010. In this position, Mr. Cormier oversees all Human Resources services worldwide and is responsible for the strategic planning...

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  • Gene Colabatistto

    Group President, Defence and Security

    Gene Colabatistto was appointed Group President of CAE’s Defence and Security Group in June 2012. The Military business represents approximately half of CAE’s total revenues. Mr. Colabatistto has more than 25 years experience in the global defence...

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  • Stephane Lefebvre

    Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer

    Stéphane Lefebvre was named CAE’s Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer in May 2011 with global responsibility for the company’s finance and information technology activities. CAE is a public company listed on both the New York and the Toronto stock exchanges.

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  • Damian McKay

    President, CAE Mining

    Damian McKay is responsible for the leadership of the CAE Mining unit, leading the team into the next evolution of growth and development.

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  • Nathalie Bourque

    Vice President, Public Affairs and Global Communications

    Nathalie Bourque has served as Vice President, Public Affairs and Global Communications at CAE since 2005. Prior to joining CAE, Ms. Bourque worked as a consultant in the field of communications for fifteen years...

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  • Hartland Paterson

    Vice President Legal, General Counsel and Secretary

    Hartland Paterson joined CAE in 2001 as VicePresident Legal, General Counsel and Secretary. He is a member of the Executive Committee of CAE, the Intellectual Property Committee and the Pension Committee.

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    Nathalie Bourque
    Vice President, Public Affairs and Global Communications
    +1 514 734 5788
    Pascale Alpha
    Director, Global Communications
    +1 514 340 5475

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