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Want to become a pilot?

If you arrived up to here is because you have a passion for flight and a number of reasons to make your dream true. Follow our recent CAE graduates in Instagram @CAEpilot and get inspired by their motivations to become pilots.


Explore our programmes

Explore our training programmes and determine which programme best suits you, based on your desired training route and on the necessary eligibility requirements. To help make your decision, contact a training advisor or visit one of our academies during a Pilot Career Day.



Submit your online application by following the details in the Apply section of your preferred programme. Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements before applying. 


Pass assessment & selection

If you meet all the eligibility requirements of your preferred programme, you will be invited to begin our assessment and selection process, which typically consists of a computer-based aptitude test and an in-person interview. 


Obtain a Class 1 Medical Certificate.

From a medical examiner approved by the relevant national aviation authority (in some cases this is secured at the time of assessment).


Arrange your funding, book your course start date and pay the deposit to secure your place.

Learn about our partnerships with independent organisations who will be able to offer finance solutions and support.