Our goal

Create a positive and sustainable impact in our communities and our environment

Our objectives
Reduce our environmental footprint across our operations
  • Become carbon neutral by end of Summer 2020
  • Reduce our emissions with green energy initiatives
  • Implement at least one paperless initiative in each of our sites
  • By FY21, conduct or update energy and waste audits*
  • By FY22, source 75% of the electricity consumption of our European sites through renewable energy*
  • By FY23, install LED or energy efficient lights*

* At all CAE sites where we have operational control of the building or control on energy sourcing

Support the communities where we operate through our global community investment program


  • In FY20, expand and promote the Canadian scholarship program to cover technicians, people wanting to become pilots, and students willing to be ambassadors to promote Work Integrated Learning in Canadian aerospace companies
  • By FY21, launch a diversity scholarship program to allow women, Indigenous Peoples, persons with disabilities and visible minority individuals to complete their studies and better access positions with a greater representation gap
  • By FY23, collaborate with over 50 post-secondary institutions and research centres


  • Better promote the CAE scholarships offered globally
  • Develop a volunteering program for our employees
  • By FY24, spend at least 40% of our donations and sponsorships budget on education

Being a good neighbour

Investing in communities and local economies is key to building a reputation for being a neighbour of choice everywhere we operate. It also helps strengthen employee engagement across CAE. This has included university scholarships, charity bike rides, technology competitions for young people, award-winning fundraising campaigns for humanitarian organizations where CAE operates and where employees live and work.

Supporting local economies

Through our presence in more than 35 countries around the world, we’re helping create economic growth by delivering goods to our customers, jobs for our employees, payments to our suppliers, investments in communities and value to our investors.

Advancing cooperation and thought leadership

We proactively engage with a diverse range of stakeholders on a broad number of issues. This engagement takes the form of conferences, sectorial and cross-sectorial initiatives, partnerships with government and educational institutions as well as direct dialogue with various community groups.

As a thought leader, our work with regulatory bodies and industry worldwide is one of the ways we continue to actively shape the future of training globally. This includes representing our stakeholders in discussions on civil aviation regulations to ensure the industry’s strategic, safe and sustainable evolution.

We’ve been involved in numerous regulatory committees and working groups for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Shrinking our environmental footprint

Our global presence spans 160 sites and training locations in over 35 countries. Our Environmental Policy and ISO 14001-aligned Environmental Management System (EMS) guide us in managing our environmental impact across these sites and locations. Inter-site communication and best-practice sharing is helping to accelerate improvements in our environmental performance.

Tracking our progress

Environmental performance reports are presented to the Board of Directors on a quarterly basis. Every site manager is responsible for tracking performance against environmental targets as well as compliance with local environmental regulations and requirements. In 2017, we completed our first annual carbon footprint calculation.

Find our achievements in our latest Annual activity and corporate social responsibility report.

Our ‘Green Pledge’

In 2017, we launched the Green Pledge, an online company-wide voluntary initiative that invites employees around the globe to commit to four simple day-to-day actions. The program also allows employees to share their personal best practices. To incentivize people, the Green Pledge includes a friendly inter-site challenge with prizes going to the global site and the three regional sites with the highest percentage of pledgers.