• What does CAE stand for?

      When the company was first founded in 1947, CAE stood for Canadian Aviation Electronics Ltd. Now we only use the name CAE.

    • What is CAE's business?

      CAE is a global leader in providing comprehensive training solutions based on world-leading simulation technology and integrated training services. The company employs 8,000 people at more than 160 sites and training locations in 35 countries. Our vision is to be our customers' Partner of Choice and we take a long-term approach to customer relationships. We offer our civil aviation and defence and security customers a complete range of highly innovative product, service and training centre solutions designed to help them meet their mission critical needs for safety, efficiency and readiness. We provide similar solutions to customers in healthcare and mining. CAE has the largest installed base of civil and military flight simulators, supported by a range of after-sales services, and has been serving the needs of its customers for nearly 70 years. We have the broadest training services network in the world and offer civil aviation, military and helicopter training services in 67 locations worldwide and train more than 120,000 civil and military crewmembers annually. Download Company Profile (PDF - 2 MB)  

    • What are your annual revenues?

      In fiscal year 2014, CAE had annual revenues of more than C$2.1 billion.

    • What were your revenues per business segment in fiscal year 2013?

      Civil: 56%
      Defence: 39%
      New Core Markets: 5%

    • What portion of your business is training and services?

      CAE has transformed from equipment supplier to integrated training solutions provider. In fiscal year 2001, 15% of CAE's revenues were from training and services, in fiscal 2002 they increased to 25%, and in fiscal 2014 they reached 48%.

    • How many people do you employ?

      Close to 8,000 people around the globe.

    • In how many countries does CAE have operations operations or provide services?

      CAE has operations and training facilities in more than 35 countries on five continents (Canada, United States, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Norway, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Australia, India, China, Japan, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Cameroon and South Africa). CAE Global Reach (PDF - 842 KB) 

    • How long has CAE been in business?

      CAE was founded in 1947 by Ken Patrick, an ex-Royal Canadian Air Force officer.

    • What is CAE's stock symbol?

      On the Toronto Stock Exchange: CAE
      On the New York Stock Exchange: CAE

    • Who are CAE's customers?

      Approximately ninety per cent of CAE’s more than C$2.1 billion annual revenues are derived from worldwide exports to militaries, commercial airlines, business aircraft operators, aircraft manufacturers, mining companies, medical schools, and nursing schools.

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