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5 great reasons to choose this distinguishing career

Travel the World

Becoming a pilot is a great way to discover new places and travel the world. Take off in one city, land in another and explore new countries and cultures. Follow the global journeys of recent CAE graduates in Instagram @caepilot and follow #caepilot.


Pilot demand is at an all-time high

If you are passionate about flying, there has never been a better time to become a pilot! CAE estimates that 255,000 new airline pilots are needed over the next 10 years, in fact 50% of those pilots have not yet started to train. This global demand is driven by regional and low-cost carriers growing worldwide and a maturing pilot population that is now exiting the workforce.


Office in the sky

Whether it’s your first solo flight or your twentieth year of intercontinental flying, nothing will ever surpass or lessen the magic of going to work each day at 20,000 feet, or cruising in your “office” at 340 knots.


A profession matching passion with the pursuit of excellence

Live your passion

You probably have dreamt of becoming a pilot since you were a child. What better way is there to live your passion for flight everyday in the cockpit of an airliner.


High Profile Profession

Aviators are truly a breed apart, and by nature of their profession, committed not only to excellence but to the constant sharpening of their skills and broadening of knowledge. It’s a global family made up of extraordinary people, and one that will embrace, encourage and support you throughout your entire career.

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