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Our technical support services team can assist with any aspect of the leasing process, from moving an aircraft and carrying out an inspection, to project management and the on-site provision of personnel. 

With a global pool of highly experienced technical consultants, we deliver the expertise and services required to cover all aspects of our clients’ needs including:

  • Aircraft Delivery & Transitions
    • Ferry Flights
    • Airframe Reps
    • Records Review
    • Engine Reps
    • Engine Borescope Services
    • Design Engineering Services
    • CAMO Services
    • Demonstration & Observation Flights
  • Pre-purchase & Mid-lease Inspections
  • New Order Production Representation
  • IAA SP1A Accepted Technical Organisation
  • Importation of Aircraft into EASA Member States
  • Quality Assurance Inspections (DARs)
  • Aircraft End of Life Support Service
  • Mid-term & Annual Audits
  • Maintenance Events representation
  • Engine Shop Visits
  • Field Service & Entry in to Service Support
  • Sheetmetal & Structures Reviews

Customised Service

We have an assembled pool of fully screened and experienced technical representatives worldwide. Our clients can combine our expert personnel with the following in-house aircraft support services:

  • CAMO Services
  • Part 21 Design Services
  • Borescope Inspection
  • Flight Solutions & Support Services (Ferry)
  • MRO & Airline Technical Services
  • Remote Records Review (Transition, Mid-Lease, Tech Specs, Scan, Upload) 
  • Tailored Lessor Support Services (Logistics, Engine Management, MRF, Tech Admin)
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