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Faster, better and more efficient pilot throughput.

For military organizations around the world, pilot production has become a pivotal discussion point and concern.  Existing and current pilot training techniques are no longer adequate for today’s needs, and global militaries are collaborating with industry on new digital technologies, tools and training methodologies designed to address and streamline the pilot production process.

With over 70 years experience in training and simulation, CAE is now leveraging developments in digital technologies and learning tools, data analytics and courseware to enable integrated and immersive training for faster, better, and more effective pilot throughput.

The CAE Trax Academy is the industry’s most advanced self-paced training continuum for military student pilots. The CAE Trax Academy guides the student pilot as they learn how to fly. The training continuum enables student pilots to Learn, Practice, and Perform in a fully immersive, digitally-connected training environment, leveraging multiple interconnected elements and tools as part of a mobile-assisted, closed-loop adaptive learning system optimizing the student pilot’s journey.  Elements of the CAE Trax Academy are being implemented as part of the U.S. Air Force’s Pilot Training Transformation initiative.

1. Learn |
Students begin the initial phase of the training continuum

The initial phase of the CAE Trax Academy is where the students Learn the training procedure. From first exposure to a training task using state-of-the-art training media including a mobile app, high-fidelity cross-platform courseware and virtual reality (VR)-enhanced modules for a visually immersive experience, the student progresses through the training procedures.



2. Practice |
Students progress to put what has been learned into action

The next phase of the CAE Trax Academy sees students Practice the procedures in the interactive CAE Sprint Virtual Reality (VR) Trainer,  one of CAE’s latest product innovation. Students train in an interactive, virtual reality-enhanced environment with physical controls, a virtual coach and CAE Rise performance assessment to provide the data analytics and predictive analysis necessary for continuous improvement and closed-loop training.



3. Perform |
Students demonstrate their proficiency

The final stage of the student’s journey is to demonstrate their ability to synthesize what they have learned and practiced in the two previous stages to demonstrate their proficiency. Accompanied by an instructor, the student will Perform the procedure during a “check ride” on a high-fidelity flight training device, simulator or actual platform.


CAE Trax Academy

CAE Trax Academy

CAE Trax Academy digital training continuum