• Social Responsibility

  • CAE is committed to operating on a sustainable basis, with a strong emphasis on sound environmental practices, the health and safety of its employees and ongoing support to its communities. For more information on CAE’s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility, click here.

  • Community Involvement

    The spirit of generosity runs deep in CAE’s global family. Every year, CAE employees support numerous causes and participate in activities that help make their communities better, including educational opportunities for promising youth and social services for those in need.

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  • Environment

    CAE’s products and services are inherently eco-friendly and we are committed to demonstrating leadership and excellence in our research, development, training and manufacturing activities.

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  • Valuing employees

    At CAE, we truly value our employees. And, we believe in empowering people by providing the tools and knowledge that they need to manage and balance their professional and personal lives. In order to support this philosophy, we make a significant investment in our employees...

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  • Governance

    CAE's Board of Directors and management team take pride in knowing that CAE has maintained the highest standards in corporate governance throughout its more than 60-year history. CAE's corporate governance is rooted in the basic principle that proper and ethical practices...

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    Hélène V. Gagnon
    Vice President, Public Affairs and Global Communications
    +1 514 340 5536
    Pascale Alpha
    Director, Global Communications
    +1 514 340 5475

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