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As the world leader in training and simulation and Canada’s largest domestic defence contractor, CAE is committed to advancing training transformation through student-centric adaptive learning using synthetic environments and tools that optimize human performance. Backed by more than 75 years of training and simulation experience, CAE is helping address the evolving needs of our defence customers by employing superior technology in designing, developing and delivering advanced training and mission support solutions across the multi-domain environment. - air, maritime, land, space and cyber.

We look forward to welcoming you to CAE’s booth #1611 during CANSEC 2024 to demonstrate how we support defence force readiness by bringing together training, simulation, digital technologies, big data secure architecture, advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

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News from CANSEC 2024
CAE Sprint

The CAE Sprint Immersive Training Devices (ITD) are an integral element of the CAE Trax Academy, a student-centric, self-paced training continuum - a system integrating multiple training elements and tools for a mobile-assisted, closedloop adaptive learning system. The CAE Sprint ITD's are a critical medium to deliver lesson content and guided training to help pilots practice, hone requisite skills and prepare for missions. The CAE Sprint ITD’s range from basic to high-fidelity immersive training devices, affordable, with a small footprint, and no special power requirements. CAE’s Sprint Family of Immersive Training Devices provides multiple training options and various levels of fidelity, leveraging the latest immersive technologies. Our devices can be tailored for specific training activities, platforms and customer budgets. All CAE Sprint devices can be further enhanced through the addition of CAE Rise.

CAE's Interoperable C2ISR Demonstration

CAE's Interoperable C2ISR demonstration showcases a cohesive Command, Control, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C2ISR) capability built upon CAE's Modelling and Simulation Environment (MSE). It integrates various CAE simulation products to facilitate seamless information sharing and coordinated operations across different operational domains.

Key Components:
· CAE Modelling and Simulation Environment (MSE): This serves as the central hub, providing the infrastructure and tools to connect the disparate training devices.
· CAE VISTA: A high-fidelity simulation platform for tactical training, providing realistic environments for air, land, and sea operations.
· CAE Ridge: An immersive visualization, collaboration, and planning tool enabling real-time data exchange between disparate systems and participants.
· JTAC training devices: Replicate Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) workstations, allowing for the integration of ground forces into the simulated battlespace.

Demonstration Highlights:
· Interoperability: Seamless exchange of tactical data between aircrews, ground troops, and JTACs within a unified C2ISR architecture.
· Enhanced Situational Awareness: Shared real-time information provides a comprehensive picture of the battlefield for improved decision-making.
· Synchronized Operations: Participants across air, land, and sea can collaborate and execute missions effectively.

· Improved mission effectiveness through better communication and information sharing.
· Enhanced training experience for aircrews, ground troops, and JTACs by simulating realistic C2ISR operations.
· Increased interoperability between different military systems and forces.

By seamlessly connecting these elements, CAE's demonstration offers a unique training environment. Intel analysts can capture and disseminate information, pilots can interact with simulated forces and entities in a virtual battlefield, while JTACs (simulated or real) can coordinate air assets. This creates a highly realistic and dynamic training experience that prepares participants for complex real-world scenarios. CAE's MSE acts as the foundation, while CAE VISTA, CAE Ridge, and JTAC trainers function as interconnected components, fostering a collaborative C2ISR environment for comprehensive training and mission readiness


As the world’s leading pure play, platform agnostic simulation, training and operational support company, CAE leverages vast capabilities and expertise to provide our customers advanced solutions in support of digital transformation and mission readiness. At CANSEC 2024, we will demonstrate how we are leveraging digital technologies to enhance the safety, efficiency and mission readiness of our customers who operate in complex high-stakes, and largely regulated environments.

SkyAlyne is a partnership between CAE and KF Aerospace, two Canadian aviation and defence leaders joining to provide a truly Canadian solution to the Future Aircrew Training (FAcT) Program.

We are a team of defence and aviation industry experts from across Canada, ready to help prepare the next generation of Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) pilots and aircrew. With our vast expertise and deep ties to Canada’s military, we can provide the best innovative training solution, the lowest transition risk, and optimal benefits to Canada’s economic and strategic goals through the FAcT program.

SkyAlyne’s solution for the FAcT Program will ensure pilots and aircrew have the world-class skills and capabilities needed for the complex battlefield of the future. To do this, we rely on the expertise of Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

Team SkyGuardian RPAS

CAE is proud to be a part of Team SkyGuardian together with General Atomics Aeronautical to provide MQ-9B SkyGuardian training and in-service support for Canada’s Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) program.

CAE will play a significant role in the Team SkyGuardian Canada solution, including the development, delivery, and operation of the comprehensive training system. CAE will also deliver sustainment products and in-service support for the RPAS systems, including maintenance, engineering, and program management.

For more info please visit the Team SkyGuardian Canada Website

Land Vehicle Crew Training System (LVCTS) program

The Land Vehicle Crew Training System (LVCTS) program will be the most significant technological step forward in training ever implemented by the Canadian Army. Using a tightly integrated mix of high-fidelity full-motion simulators, medium-fidelity training devices with advanced imagery and representative equipment, and lower-fidelity part-task trainers, soldiers will learn to operate key vehicle driving and combat systems on the Leopard tank, Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV6), and Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle (TAPV) platforms. Training will take place in purpose-built facilities at five training locations across the country and will make provision not only for building individual driver, gunnery and crew commander skills, but also for enhancing combat team operations, and joint force integration. Drawing upon its significant pedigree of supplying advanced simulation and training products and services to the Canadian Armed Forces and militaries around the world, CAE with its main partner Elbit Systems and the LVCTS team intends to offer a full suite of training technologies, including systems to streamline training preparation and delivery, options for reducing reliance on scarce line instructional personnel, and mature, proven technologies to dynamically adapt training delivery and content to Canadian Army soldier’s needs – including remotely or in austere locations where supplemental or mission-specific training is required.


CAE is the world leader in the design, manufacture, and integration of digital magnetic anomaly detection (MAD) systems for Anti-Submarine Warfare. The company has been designing MAD systems for over 40 years and has delivered over 2,000 MAD systems and equipment to military forces around the world including the ASQ-508 for the CP-140M.

The latest CAE MAD system is called CAE MAD-XR (Magnetic Anomaly Detection-Extended Role) and is significantly more compact than previous CAE MAD systems. CAE MAD-XR is a magnetic anomaly detection sensor with reduced size, weight, and power requirements allowing the MAD system to be extended to smaller platforms such as unmanned aerial systems (UASs), helicopters, small fixed-wing aircraft, as well as Unmanned Surface and Underwater Vehicles. The CAE MAD-XR has been in production since 2020 with systems being delivered to several customers including the United States Navy (USN) and the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) for the MH60R, the United Kingdom for the Royal Navy Merlin and Japan for the P1 Maritime Patrol Aircraft. In December 2023, CAE Defense & Security signed a contract with Airbus for 6 MAD-XR systems for the Spanish Navy’s new C295.

Building relationships with Indigenous Nations, communities and businesses

CAE has embarked on a reconciliation journey and is committed to building and growing long-term, meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous-owned businesses and communities. CAE also aims to providing equitable access to job opportunities for Indigenous Peoples and supporting skills development initiatives to empower Indigenous communities and prepare the workforce of tomorrow.

CAE is proud to support Indigenous benefit requirements on Government of Canada defence procurements. The Company’s Offset and Industrial Cooperation and Indigenous Relations teams are present at CANSEC and looking forward to meeting representatives of Indigenous Nations or Indigenous-owned businesses.

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