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Pilot and Crew Applications

We know the life of pilots and crew is unique; nothing can beat the view from the sky! When on or off the runway, pilots and crew are constantly on the move. Whether you want to manage your busy life, connect with friends and family, learn, or land your next dream job, CAE brings you tools and apps that will help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Discover the Pilot and Crew Apps from CAE and embark on the road to work-life balance, with content and features to help you along your journey as a pilot or crew!

Pilot and Crew Applications, photo on CAE

Airside by CAE

Airside by CAE is a new digital platform created for pilots by pilots during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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RB Logbook

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"I really love this app. I've been using it out on the line, and the ability to just take a picture of the ACARS and have the times load is a game changer for me."

Delta Air Lines Captain

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